Visit the Turkey of Diversity

Turkey is truly a country with contrasts and multicultural elements as you can experience both Roman times, ancient Greece and modern-day Islam. Add to that the fact that Turkey is a Eurasian country located in both Europe and Asia. In Istanbul, this can be seen as a sight in the form of the Bhosporen Bridge, which separates the two continents. On the one hand you are in Europe and on the other in Asia. The country can also boast of having the Mediterranean Sea on the south side where tourists flock in the summers, the Aegean Sea in the west and the Black Sea in the northern parts. In addition, there is Lake Marmara, which is a smaller indented part of the Mediterranean that the Bhosporen Bridge crosses.

Famous tourist destinations in Turkey

In addition to the beautiful city of Istanbul, a sun trip to Anatolia and the Bodrum Peninsula is a common destination for sun worshipers. Here you can visit several towns and villages with incredible charm and cool nightlife. The city of Bodrum, which is the largest, belongs to the holiday paradise number 1 and in addition to it you have Antalya, Alanya and Side in between. There are lots of ancient monuments here that date back to ancient Greece and you do not have to go to Athens to see temples dedicated to Apollo and Aphrodite. You can also visit a number of nature reserves such as Pamukkale with its naturally white limestone basins where Cleopatra once cooled off. On this magical peninsula you have a stone’s throw to Greece and can thus at the same time discover some of its islands by boating around here.

According to, it has also become increasingly popular to travel to Istanbul with its stately mosques and minarets interspersed with football hysteria and nightlife. Although Turkey has faced a number of political conflicts with the PKK, this does not seem to prevent tourists from flying here. Istanbul is perfect for a weekend trip when you can come here and bargain at the Grand Bazaar or go out to the Prince Islands in Lake Marmara, with its playful wooden villas and the fragrant pine forests. The city has a well-functioning public transport with both metro, trams and buses. The capital Ankara also has a lot to offer.

Accommodation in Turkey

Depending on where you live in Turkey, prices may vary. However, it is often easy to get a cheap accommodation to a good standard, but during the high season you can pay a little more.

Came to Turkey

In Turkey, you pay with Turkish lira, but they are happy to accept euros wherever you go. Prices are usually lower than at home and if you are a bargain bargainer, Turkey is a good destination.
Getting to Turkey is not difficult. Either you can travel regularly with SAS directly from Stockholm to Istanbul, but the charter companies also take travelers to the seaside resorts. There are also non-stop flights from both Norrköping and Gothenburg, both regularly with Turkish Airlines and with charter companies and if you were in another place in Sweden, you may need to make a stop which certainly does not take that long.

To think of

You do not need a visa when traveling into Turkey, but can stay there for 3 months on a valid passport. It is important to be careful when shooting in public places as this may be prohibited, especially in military establishments. You should also dress properly when entering churches and mosques and avoid traveling towards the border with Syria. You should always read about the safety situation in the place you are going to travel to before you go.

Visit the Turkey of diversity