Travel to Turkey

Turkey has long been a popular destination among Europeans, not least for sun-worshiping northerners. At the same time, the country offers infinitely more than just sun and swimming. How about spicy dining experiences, an incredible nightlife and a long and rich history that involves lots of sights? In addition, you get a lot for your money. Turkey is currently considered one of the most affordable tourist destinations. Whatever one prefers, the country offers an alternative. If you want to experience the pulse of a city, you can consider a weekend trip to Istanbul. If you are looking for beautiful days on the beach, a charter trip to coastal cities such as Alanya, Antalya or Side is recommended.

West meets east

According to, Turkey is a huge country with over 70 million inhabitants, but what really makes the country special is that it is a kind of melting pot that mixes Europe and Asia, Western culture and Eastern culture. The result is a unique combination that cannot be found anywhere else. Throughout history, too, Turkey has been an extremely important land area for trade and for encounters between different cultures. It has left its mark on the exciting architecture and the many historical sights.

Turkish cuisine

Much because of all the different cultural influences, Turkey has developed a captivating food culture that is supposed to make the taste buds dance. What characterizes Turkish cuisine is that most dishes are a little spicy, and that the people love sauces and various stir-fries. Tourists usually praise the Turkish kebab, but also “Pide” which is a variant of Turkish pizza. You will find everything from small, charming creeps, to exclusive restaurants of high international class.

Beautiful beaches

One of the best reasons to go to Turkey is to relax on the beach. Hot tips are destinations like Antalya, Alanya, Side and Bodrum. Feel free to choose a hotel with a water park. Turkey is one of the water parks’ promised land and the parks often offer things like water slides that are usually appreciated by both large and small.

Bang for your buck

Compared to many other tourist destinations that can offer a wonderful climate for sunbathing and swimming, you as a tourist will discover that Turkey is very affordable. Travel, accommodation, food, transportation and the like are simply cheap. The holiday fund lasts much longer and you get more money for things like entertainment and shopping. Shopping is considered to be really good in Turkey. Many tourists have to buy an extra suitcase to be able to bring home all the finds. Remember to bargain. In Turkey, it is part of the lifestyle and a must for the very best prices when shopping.

Hospitable people

Many tourists choose to return to Turkey year after year. One of the reasons is that they experience a wonderful hospitality where the feeling is that the residents really care about their visitors. If you ask for directions or a tip about a good restaurant, bar or nightclub, you will not have any problems getting lots of tips. In general, the Turks are good at giving a friendly welcome.

Good to know

What currently worries some travelers is security. In the usual tourist resorts, however, security is high. What you can think of in crowds is to be aware of any pickpockets. Upon both entry and exit, a valid passport must be presented. No visa is required for Swedish citizens. The currency that applies is the Turkish lira. In Turkey, the same type of electrical outlet is used as in Sweden.

Turkey Top Sights