Travel to Side, Turkey

Just as Antalya and Alanya are located in the province of Antalya, there is a little hidden gem that has recently caught the eyes of tourists. The small town of Side, with its more than 12,000 inhabitants, has developed into a popular and lively tourist destination and the hotels and tourist routes have popped up like mushrooms from the ground along the promenades.

Twenty-five years ago, Side was a small fishing village that not many had heard of, but as the whole province has become an attractive tourist destination, it is difficult to avoid these smaller towns that also have a lot to offer.

From a small cultural treasure…

Despite its small size and population, Side has plenty of attractions and cultural treasures. During the Byzantine Empire, it has emerged that the city had a large Jewish population that also characterized the city.
In Roman times, Side was used as an excellent trading town, and here they earned colossal sums on both the slave trade and gladiatorial games.

The city was long deserted and abandoned, but in the late 19th century a Greek Muslim population moved slowly but surely into the city from Crete, and that is the way it is.

According to, today there are several ruins after the city walls, castles and temples, a large theater where the gladiators have been fought for their survival, several high schools where physical sports were developed and a nymph with caves and pools.

… To a holiday gem

Although the architectural remains of the gladiatorial battles and trade characterize Side in general, the resort has now become a classic holiday treasure with many beautiful sandy beaches, shopping streets and food joy from the area’s offerings and traditions. Side is as romantic as it is interesting and whether you are on a love trip or during the children’s summer holidays, you can stroll at sunset and view the Temple of Apollo, hold hands on a genuine family restaurant or swim in the turquoise blue water.

The beautiful Tauros Mountains in the background also create fantastic hiking opportunities and once you have managed to get up, a wonderful view with the whole of Side awaits to catch your eye.

Child-friendly beaches

A plus in the edge is that Side has a very shallow beach that is very suitable for children. The western beach is one of the city’s two large beaches and the eastern part is more intended for adults where you practice water sports and snorkeling. The shoreline is also full of bars, restaurants and sunbeds, and depending on which members the family consists of, you can easily choose and wreck which beach you want to go to. This is one of the reasons why the place has become so popular with families with children, even though all types of people can be seen along the dunes.

In the evenings, car traffic is also turned off in some parts of the city, which means that nightlife starts much faster.

Take the opportunity to visit nearby cities

When you are still in the province of Antalya, you should, if you have time, take the opportunity to take a trip to both Antalya and Alanya, both of which have an even greater range of sun, beaches and cultural heritage. Side is located between these two cities and since Side is relatively small, it can be fun to see something else if you have the opportunity.

Travel to Side, Turkey