Travel to Bodrum, Turkey

It is no coincidence that Bodrum has recently been called Turkey’s St. Tropez. The resort has now become a first-class tourist destination. The city of Bodrum has gone from being a small remote bohemian fishing village to becoming a holiday paradise for all the world’s nationalities. The first to settle here were various artists who were looking for a quiet place with beautiful light and full of inspiration to write, paint, sing or just find their way back to the soul again.

But when one of Turkey’s most famous artists, Zeki Müren, chose to settle here, the rumor spread like wildfire and soon it was a fact that Bodrum would no longer be the remote, quiet place it once was. First the Turkish jet-setters came to relax and soon tourism was in full swing and spread even further in international circles, mostly to the British and Dutch. Now, however, you see all nationalities swimming on the beaches or hanging out at the chic bars.

A small Swedish colony in Bodrum

According to, Bodrum is today a stately and expensive holiday resort and is at the top of the tour operators, also in Sweden. Swedish designer Camilla Thulin has a summer house here with her husband Johan Rabaeus and many other wealthy Swedes have invested in housing here. In the summer, it is also a popular tourist destination for Swedes and Scandinavians in general.

What do you do in Bodrum?

In addition to sunbathing and swimming and trying out all kinds of water sports, Bodrum is an ideal place to relax. Here you can stroll in the narrow alleys, see the low houses that have preserved their charm, fish on the beaches or shop in the small shops located around the city’s central mosque.

They have wanted to preserve the family atmosphere in Bodrum, despite all the tourists, and that may be exactly what attracts people all over the world. The culture remains and thus also the integrity of the place and the local hooks and family-owned restaurants remain exactly where they always stood.

A landmark that you only have to see when you come to Bodrum, however, is the medieval castle ruin of St. Petersburg, which nowadays constitutes a museum of underwater archeology.

In the evening you can visit the famous disco Hallikarnas, where you can dance and be entertained until well into the wee hours. In fact, many people go to Bodrum just to go here and live the nightlife, but if you are not keen on hitting the roof, there are otherwise plenty of other small bars to hang out at.

Take the minibus around the beaches

To get to the various beaches you can either walk or take a minibus. Many people try a beach sightseeing or beach tour to have time to swim in all possible places that are available. Bodrum has many small bays and lagoons where you can find a relatively secluded place.

You can also rent a boat or follow the tourist boats and go around between the beaches, while you can jump into the water from the deck between the laps.

The city’s population is only rising and rising and regardless of whether you are a newly in love couple or a family with children, Bodrum certainly has something for you.

Travel to Bodrum, Turkey