Travel to Antalya

The Turkish port city of Antalya, located in the province of the same name, is a real gem for sun-loving tourists who also want to discover the ancient ancestry that the city has to offer.
Antalya is beautifully situated in Asia Minor, in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, surrounded by the Taurus Mountains which for the most part consist of limestone and cave-like hides.

A little history lesson for the curious

Antalya is an ancient city that was built as early as 150 BC. Shortly afterwards, the city was greeted by the Romans who made Antalya their city. When the Roman Empire was divided in the 4th century, Antalya became a very important trading city in the Byzantine Empire. During the early Middle Ages, specifically in the 11th century, a Turkish people (the Seljuks) conquered a large part of Anatolia, including Antalya, and this contributed to the city’s temporary isolation during a series of battles.
When the rule of the Seljuks collapsed a few hundred years later, Antalya came under Cypriot rule, but in the 15th century the city became Ottoman and remained under the Ottoman Empire for a full 500 years.
After World War I, both Antalya and much of Anatolia came under Italian rule, which later changed when the Turkish Republic was proclaimed in 1923.

Historic sights

It is difficult to visit Antalya without taking part in the fantastic history on which the city rests. Here you can see the fascinating Karain Cave which is located 27 km northwest of the city. There are many prehistoric treasures in the form of relics from both Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals.
50 km east of the city you can see an ancient city, called Aspendos, where you can see ruins after the Roman Empire and the city’s history goes all the way back to the Hittite era. The Roman theater is well preserved and is actually still used.

According to, Antalya is Muslim like the rest of Turkey and there are several beautiful mosques to admire. The most famous is called Yivli Minare and is considered the oldest and original mosque, which has also been called the Alaaddin Mosque.

On a journey of discovery in the city

By just strolling around Antalya, you will automatically end up in small, beautiful and hidden places where authentic Turkish rugs are interspersed with genuine shops and narrow alleys. And who can resist the Turkish candy that has become famous all over the world? In Antalya you can combine swimming and sun with shopping and explosions for the taste buds, while taking part in the architecture and the interesting culture.
No wonder Antalya is one of the world’s most popular cities for tourists.

The climate

For those who require a guaranteed sun holiday, Antalya is a safe bet. Here it is estimated that there will be at least 300 sunny days a year, with hot and dry summers and short but rainy winters. It is thus a typical Mediterranean climate that most summer tourists are looking for.

Risk of earthquakes

Turkey has fallen victim to several earthquakes over the years, as the country lies on the Anatolian continental shelf. The westernmost and eastern parts of Turkey are thus a larger risk area than Antalya, but despite that information, the city has experienced a number of earthquakes that still destroyed us.

Travel to Antalya