Top 18 Places for Honeymoon in the World

Marriage alone generates anxiety in the lovebirds. Especially because there is no shortage of things to plan, right? You need to calculate the expenses for the ceremony, the new house, and so many other budget-tightening details. But there is nothing better than knowing places for the honeymoon you dream so much!

The dreamed moment alone can be an incredible experience in destinations that are ideal for couples. So to make you more prepared to be with your sweetheart, we’ve listed 18 options for you to pack and start your marriage on the right foot!

The Best Honeymoon Places in Brazil

1 – Buzios (Rio de Janeiro)

There is no one who is not enchanted by the exuberance of Buzios, the city has a charm that makes any honeymoon much more special. The mix of a certain provincialism with international sophistication is irresistible! It reveals itself in every corner, in the bars, restaurants, inns and hotels of the city.

No wonder the place received the nickname of Brazilian Saint Tropez. Soon, you will soon realize why there are so many tourists who come there on vacation and never leave. Just look at the impressive amount of foreign languages ​​throughout the fishing village. Not to mention the more than 20 beaches with their crystal clear waters and the buzz of the downtown at night. It is for sure one of the best places for honeymoon in Brazil.

2 – Costa do Sauipe (Bahia)

Near Salvador, the tiny municipality of Mata de São João has become one of the largest hotel enterprises in the country. Of course we are talking about Costa do Sauipe! There are no less than five luxury hotels and six themed inns on 6km of white sand and coconut trees that frame the stunning beach – and unique to guests.

Besides the complete stewardship, you also have Vila Nova da Praia. It is a space for Bahian culture full of bars, concerts and folklore performances. Want more romanticism yet? So get ready, because every now and then one of the inns promotes a luau on the beach. There is no way to stay out of this list.

3 – Serra Gaucha (Rio Grande do Sul)

Aren’t you and your love fan of the heat? So the way is Serra Gaucha! In the region, the strong Italian and German influence combined with nature to set up dream scenes. The intimate climate is perfect for tasting the region’s famous wines for two, enjoying fondues and enjoying the hotels with super cozy fireplaces. In the surrounding area, Gramado and Canela are only 10 km from each other, but you should still enjoy getting to know other beautiful villages. Good options are Garibaldi, Bento Gonçalves, Nova Petrópolis and Cambará do Sul.

4 – Bonito (Mato Grosso do Sul)

One of the best honeymoon destinations in Brazil, the name lives up to the scenery. The city is simply wonderful! Just 3 hours from Campo Grande, Bonito is perfect for enjoying ecotourism for two. In the transparent waters, it is possible to get very close to the lush marine fauna. Already in the rocky walls, it is possible to do climbing or abseiling. In cozy hotels, you can enjoy the tasty local cuisine and the moment alone that you want so much.

5 – Canoa Quebrada (Ceará)

The newlyweds can enjoy a true paradise in Ceará. Canoa Quebrada is a rustic and peaceful beach with warm weather all year round. The sea of ​​green waters and the comfortable infrastructure attract tourists from all over the region. On Broadway, visitors will find a number of restaurants serving delicious seafood dishes as well as ballad options that suit all styles.

Despite being a well-known tourist destination, Canoa Quebrada keeps the charms of a small and preserved place. Those who choose the place to spend their honeymoon cannot fail to enjoy the sunset from the top of the dunes. For adventurous couples, the tip is to take a paragliding flight or a raft ride through the Ceará Sea.

6 – Fernando de Noronha

How about enjoying the honeymoon to know one of the most charming destinations in Brazil? The natural beauty of Fernando de Noronha is world famous and inspires delicious moments for two! The archipelago also favors newlyweds who enjoy water sports in general. But beware: get organized in advance, because the number of visitors is limited and you have to pay fees.

With an average temperature of 28ºC, the island is beautiful all year round. But it’s good to stay tuned in the rainy seasons between April and July and the drought between September and March.

In winter the waterfalls appear and the sea gets calmer, like a true infinity pool. At this time, characterized by sparse rainfall and intense sunshine, the visibility of the sea reaches 50 meters.

7 – Maceió (Alagoas)

Here’s a Brazilian destination that owes nothing to the Caribbean! In the capital of Alagoas, the sun shines almost every day of the year and the natural pools invite you to relax. You can find them at Pajuraça Beach.

Another famous beach is Gunga, which comes to the list of best destinations in Brazil with some frequency. Chances are you’ve seen the beautiful coconut tree that surrounds you in some picture!

Going on a honeymoon should not be cause for budget concerns or destination frustrations. Have patience to study options, make plans and look for offers. The important thing is to have good memories of this moment.

8 – Angra dos Reis (Rio de Janeiro)

Another destination with islands in Brazil, in Angra you can choose from no less than 365 islands. This means you can spend an entire year touring a different island a day without repeating. There are 2 thousand beaches to choose from, surrounded by the Atlantic Forest of Serra do Mar.

And there’s nothing left to do to make the trip for two even more delicious. In addition to the excellent local cuisine, there are sloop tours, diving between corals and fish in the Botinas Islands or stroll in the ecological sanctuary of Saco do Céu, for example. For sure, it is among the best places for honeymooners.

Honeymoon Destinations in South America

9 – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

How about enjoying a popular Latin American destination during the honeymoon? Buenos Aires is known for being a city with a European climate. This is thanks to the elegant look provided by the historic buildings, influenced by French architecture. The trip to the city is even more special when done for two! Suggested programs include dinners in Porto Madeiro, the city’s traditional tango performances and an opera staged at the beautiful Colón Theater.

Besides being a charming city, Buenos Aires is a very economical destination. Prices are pretty friendly, whether you think about airfare, food expenses or hotel room rates. In addition, it is a great suggestion for couples who have a few honeymoon days. Besides being a destination close to Brazil, it is possible to know the city well in a short time.

10 – Mendoza (Argentina)

Located at the foot of the Andes, the city of Mendoza is well known for features such as a good hotel chain and varied dining options. Newlyweds can visit wineries and enjoy tastings.

Destination is also a good choice for couples who love extreme sports! There you can practice modalities such as climbing, rafting, zip lines, kayaking and mountain biking.

11 – Cartagena (Colombia)

Who says you have to leave South America to enjoy the beauties of the Caribbean? From Cartagena, you can see some of Colombia’s best beaches, such as Isla Baru and Isla Grande.

Amurallada City is home to the region’s top hotels, restaurants, and landmarks – most dating back to Spanish colonization. Well worth a romantic walk or bike ride! Its vibrant colors will leave this fate marked in memory.

12 – Colony of the Sacramento (Uruguay)

This charming little town bathed by the Rio de la Plata is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its remarkable traces of Portuguese and Spanish colonization in South America.

Sacramento Colony is perfect for couples who want to escape for a few days to a peaceful and delicious place. Moreover, it is a very interesting round trip for those who have Buenos Aires as their destination.

13 – Cusco (Peru)

Have you noticed how hard it is to find a list of the best destinations in South America that don’t involve Cusco? After all, it is the closest city to one of the most sought after tourist attractions in the world: Machu Picchu.

In addition to visiting the lost city of the Incas, couples who love history can venture into archaeological sites and streets full of charming buildings. To close the day, it is worth toasting in one of the good local restaurants.

14 – Santiago (Chile)

We here at MaxMilhas believe that everyone should take a reasonable time to enjoy all the beauties of Chile. But nothing prevents you from doing this in small installments, starting with the capital.

Santiago is ideal for couples who want to enjoy the possibilities that only a large metropolis can offer. To start exploring the country, include Valparaiso and Viña del Mar in your honeymoon itinerary.

Places for the honeymoon in the rest of the world

15 – Phi Phi (Thailand)

Want a more romantic setting to enjoy for two than a beach with blue waters and white sands? This is what you find in Thailand’s famous archipelago. These islands have such a paradisiacal landscape that they served as location for the movie  The Beach. Phi Phi Don Island is the one that features complete infrastructure to welcome tourists arriving in the region. It is the ideal destination for couples looking to enjoy their honeymoon trip to rest in a place of preserved nature and diverse marine life.

Of the six islands that make up the archipelago, only Phi Phi Don is inhabited. The others are preservation areas that can be visited by tourists. Accommodation options are varied: 5 star hotels and bungalows, the cheapest option for those visiting the island. The tip for newlyweds looking to save money on their stay is to book well in advance! Another tip is to schedule the trip for the months between November and April, which is the time when it rains least.

16 – Paris (France)

This is one of the most poetic destinations in the world. So it is a great trip to do on the honeymoon. The charm of Parisian streets helps to make the romantic trip with the right weather to become an unforgettable experience! Imagine taking delicious bike rides through the streets of this famous French city, admiring the historic architecture in the late afternoon walks or enjoying a coffee in the traditional Les Deux Magots restaurant, known to have been frequented by philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Voltaire.

As a tourist center, Paris has a wide range of accommodation options, among known hotel chains such as the Ritz, Intercontinental and Ibis. The months between June and September are high season in the city.

17 – Maldives Islands (Indian Ocean)

They are stunning, with translucent waters and white sands. This true movie scene is no less than about a thousand islands in Maldives, the archipelago that is the dream of ten out of ten honeymoon couples.

And you can’t even be enchanted by this dream place! All are beautiful, with all-inclusive resorts that make the trip even better. The country, which is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, is pure tropical charm combined with great comfort.

The romantic adventure begins before it even arrives. After landing at Male International Airport, a seaplane ride of just over half an hour offers breathtaking views. There, a hundred water huts await the couple, who can even count on Ayurvedic therapies and tantric rituals as part of their two-seater schedule.

18 – Lofoten Islands (Norway)

Those who only think of cod and fjords when they hear about Norway don’t know what they may be missing. The islands of this Nordic country offer wonderful landscapes full of tourist attractions such as the northern lights and the midnight sun. The Lofoten Islands are known as one of the best places to see the spectacle of nature, especially between November and March. The picturesque fishing village itself is an attraction in itself.

With a strong connection to the Viking past, Lofoten has majestic mountains, deep fjords and perfect surfing waves. The striking beauty of the islands is preserved by sustainability, which aims to minimize the negative effects of tourism.