Tips for Your Trip to Mexico

No matter where you are going on holiday in the big wide world, there are different things that affect different places. Here we are talking about the differences from one country to another. What you are allowed to do at a cafĂ© in Amsterdam may not be what you are allowed to do during a visit to the pub in Thailand. Now this time it’s about Mexico and this great wonderful country, where you can actually experience so much. When traveling to this country, however, it will be good to know a few different things before you leave.

Currency in Mexico

According to, as a domestic currency, Mexico has the Peso. Of course, if you choose to go to Mexico on holiday, you will be able to exchange your entire travel expenses in Pesos, and manage perfectly. However, when there are options to use another currency, in some cases this will always be an advantage. Here it is important to keep track of the value of the currencies you use, in order to be able to indicate when you will use a special one of these.

When you go to Mexico, you will also be able to use the USD in many cases. This then means that a travel fund would be optimal if it consisted of approximately 30% USD and 70% Peso. You should also always keep in mind that Mexico is a country outside the EU, which means that you always get a worse exchange rate on the spot. Therefore, change your travel cash before you go.

Electricity in Mexico

You who go to Mexico and want to take with you various electronic things such as phones and laptops, should also keep in mind that this country has a current of only 127 volts. However, you who have an adapter for your things, will be the one who can use them as long as they are adapted for a lower voltage.

Vaccinations before the trip

When you go to Mexico, you will also need to think about your health. Now there is nothing that says you have to get vaccinated before a trip, but it is good to take the safe before the unsafe. It is then a matter of Hepatitis A and B being quite common in Mexico. This means that you who are going to travel should take a Twinrix vaccine before the trip.

Car rental and transportation in Mexico

What applies to you who want to get around Mexico without renting a car, is to use the public transport that is available. Here you will find everything from taxis to buses. In the big cities you will find that buses and taxis work very well. If you are going to travel a long way within the country, then a bus is always the best choice.

Of course, you who are not afraid to drive a car in a foreign country will be able to rent a car. You do this immediately before the trip so that the car is in place on arrival, or you make sure to look for one of the large, serious and well-known rental companies in the city you come to.

Tips for your trip to Mexico