The Natural Wonders of Colorado

According to Fun-wiki, the US state of Colorado is a beautiful color palette of white mountain peaks, red rock formations, crystal clear lakes, yellow deserts and green forest areas. The state has one of the most varied landscapes in the world and plenty of spots from which to enjoy breathtaking views of the area. We take you to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in this state.

Step into the garden of the gods

Just outside Colorado Springs is a beautiful national park. The Garden of the Gods park is located at the foot of the 4300 meter high Pikes Peak and is open all year round. The elongated rock formations, three hundred million year old rock layers and varied vegetation are impressive to say the least. Park your rental car in one of the parking spaces and head for the Kissing Camels, a rock formation in which you will recognize two camels with some imagination. Central Garden is home to the famous rocky pinnacles Sentinel Rock, Cathedral Spiers and The Three Graces. Also check out Balanced Rock, a rock that seems impossible to balance.

Walk across one of the highest suspension bridges in the world

The Royal Gorge is one of the deepest canyons in Colorado. The canyon is about ten miles long and the Arkansas River flows right through it. The canyon’s granite walls are more than three hundred meters high and were formed about three million years ago. Today it is a real tourist attraction where you can do more than just watch nature. There is a water playground, the daredevils on the Royal Rush Skycoaster can be launched more than 365 meters above the river and you can step on a cable car. It is also a nice idea to cross the gorge via the Royal Gorge Bridge: until 2009 this was the largest and highest suspension bridge in the world.

Colorado’s most famous peaks

In addition, they are the most photographed mountain peaks in Colorado: the Maroon Bells are two mountains that rise above Maroon Lake. The mountains and vegetation reflect beautifully in the lake below. Maroon Peak is 4317 meters high, making it the highest mountain in Colorado. North Maroon Peak is slightly smaller at 4272 meters. Put on your sturdy hiking boots because the Four Pass Loop is one of the most popular hiking trails that circles the mountain.

Discover the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park

The special thing about this park is that you can admire the cliff dwellings of the former Indian tribes who lived here in the thirteenth century. You can get a glimpse into the life of these former inhabitants by booking a guided tour. Some properties can only be viewed with a ranger, while there are also a number of tours that you can follow at your own leisure. One of the largest cliff dwellings in the park is Cliff Palace. To reach it, you travel 400 meters and climb no fewer than five 5-meter high ladders. A unique experience that you probably won’t repeat in a hurry.

Mesa Verde National Park