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Portugal Language Part III

Portugal Language 3

In this dialect we find – õu ⟨- one, for example, melõu “melon” (lit. melão), cf. the port. arc. – om. In the 2nd person plur. of the present indicative we have in the 1st con. – aides, for example, andaides (lit. – ais, but see arch. – adhes); in the 2nd…
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Portugal Language Part II

Portugal Language 2

Between the intervocalic consonants – d – and – l – they fall; e.g., fide> fee > fé ; teda> teia ; pelagu> pego ; pain> dôr, etc.; e – n – nasalizes the previous vowel and in some cases disappears (luna> l ũ a > lua); also – g – middle intervocalic often falls, especially if followed by e, or i,…
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