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Geography of Liberia

Landscape in Liberia

Liberia consists mostly of bedrock ( gneiss and granite ), with tertiary sandstone along the coast. The coastline is about 570 kilometers long, and is characterized by a number of lagoons and estuaries, covered by dense mangrove scrub. The low…
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History of Liberia II

Political unrest

Rubber industry From 1847, Liberia established closer contact with European states. Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom became Liberia’s most important trading partners. Liberia was economically and militarily weak and was threatened by European colonialism. Warfare and widespread corruption…
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History of Liberia I

The area that constitutes today’s Liberia was formerly inhabited by several different ethnic groups, but relatively little is known about the oldest history. Based on archaeological finds and linguistic studies, it is believed that there have been several periods of…
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Liberian President Ellen Johnson

Liberia is a republic in West Africa, on the Pepper Coast in the Atlantic. Liberia borders on the north to Sierra Leone and Guinea, on the east to the Ivory Coast and on the south to the Atlantic Ocean. Liberia…
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