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According to Itypetravel, Edwards County, Kansas is located in the southwestern corner of the state and was created in 1874. It is named after George Edwards, an early settler who arrived in the area in 1868 and established a trading post near the Arkansas River. The county has a rich history dating back to the early days of settlement, when it was part of Indian Territory. A number of tribes, including the Pawnee, Cheyenne, Comanche, Kiowa and Apache all lived in this area at one time or another. The first settlers to arrive in Edwards County were mostly ranchers and farmers from Missouri and Arkansas who were drawn to the area by its open prairies and abundant wildlife. In 1875, a post office was established at Kinsley, which became the county seat. Other towns soon followed including Offerle, Lewis, Belpre and Pawnee Rock. In 1880s railroads began to be built across Edwards County bringing with them further settlement opportunities for homesteaders looking for land for their farms or ranches. The railroads also helped spur economic development as they provided access to markets outside of Kansas. By 1890s more than 6,000 people had moved into Edwards County making it one of most populous counties in western Kansas at that time. Throughout its history Edwards County has been an important agricultural center producing wheat and other grains as well as cattle and hogs. Today, it is still primarily an agricultural region but there are also some light industries such as meatpacking plants located here as well as oil production on some areas of land. Edwards County has seen a lot of changes over its long history but it has managed to remain an important part of Kansas’ rural landscape while preserving its unique character from days gone by. From its early days as part of Indian Territory through its development into an agricultural powerhouse today – Edwards County’s story continues to unfold. The Edwards County School District is located in the southwestern corner of Kansas and serves the towns of Kinsley, Offerle, Lewis, Belpre and Pawnee Rock. The district is comprised of two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. All schools are located within the same building complex in Kinsley which allows for efficient use of resources and easy transitioning between grade levels. The district focuses on providing a quality education to its students through a variety of classroom activities and extracurricular programs. The curriculum emphasizes math, science, social studies and language arts as well as physical education, music and art. In addition to core classes, students also have the opportunity to explore their interests through special electives such as computer technology or foreign language courses. The Edwards County School District also strives to create a safe learning environment for all its students by offering an array of support services such as counseling and health care. Additionally, there are a number of extracurricular clubs available such as debate team, chess club or drama club which help promote social development among students. The district’s faculty is highly dedicated to providing an excellent educational experience for its students. Highly qualified teachers work hard to ensure that all students receive individualized instruction that meets their needs while challenging them to reach their fullest potential. Teachers also take great pride in encouraging student involvement in community service projects which helps foster good citizenship habits among the youth of Edwards County. Overall, the Edwards County School District is committed to providing its students with a quality education that will prepare them for college or career success in whatever path they choose after graduation. The district works hard every day to ensure that all its students receive an excellent education so they can go on to lead successful lives no matter where they end up. Check andyeducation for schools and education in Kansas.