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According to Itypetravel, Sussex County, Delaware is a county located in the southeastern corner of the state. It is bordered by Maryland to the north, Virginia to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The county was established in 1683 and is named after Sussex, England. It was one of the original three counties created by William Penn when he established Delaware as a British colony. The area that would become Sussex County has long been inhabited by Native Americans. In fact, artifacts from these ancient cultures have been found in various locations throughout the area. The Nanticoke tribe lived in what is now southern Sussex County prior to European settlement and were later joined by other tribes including the Lenape and Susquehannock. In 1671, William Penn arrived in what would become Sussex County with his entourage and began clearing land for farming. His plan was to create a utopian society based on religious freedom for all its citizens regardless of race or creed. As such, he began inviting settlers from across Europe to join him in establishing this new society which became known as Pennsylvania Colony (now Delaware). Over time, more settlers began arriving and more land was cleared for farming leading to an increase in population within Sussex County. During this period of growth and development, several towns were established including Milton (1763), Seaford (1784), Georgetown (1791) and Bridgeville (1804). These towns eventually became hubs of commerce as well as centers of trade for farmers who sold their goods throughout the region. In 1776, Sussex County declared its independence from Britain during the American Revolution and became part of Delaware when it gained statehood in 1787. Since then, it has continued to grow and develop with new industries such as poultry farming becoming increasingly important sources of income for many residents throughout the region. Today, Sussex County remains an important agricultural center while also enjoying a vibrant tourism industry thanks to its numerous beaches along its eastern coast line which attract visitors from around the world each year. The school district of Sussex County, Delaware encompasses the whole county and consists of 18 public school districts as well as several private schools. The main district office is located in Georgetown and serves as the administrative center for all educational activities within the county. The majority of students in Sussex County are enrolled in either traditional public schools or charter schools, with over 25,000 students enrolled across the county. These schools range from elementary to high school and provide a wide range of educational opportunities to their students. The largest school district in Sussex County is Indian River School District which serves over 7,000 students from grades K-12. Other notable districts include Cape Henlopen School District and Seaford School District which both have high ratings for their academic performance. In addition to traditional public schools, Sussex County also offers a variety of alternative education programs including magnet schools, virtual education programs, and special education programs that serve students with special needs or learning disabilities. In addition, there are several private institutions such as Salisbury Christian School and Dover Adventist Academy that offer religious instruction along with academic courses to their students. Overall, Sussex County provides its residents with a variety of educational options that allow them to find an institution that best suits their individual needs and interests. Whether it be through public or private institutions, there is something for everyone in this diverse county which makes it an ideal place for students to receive a quality education. Check andyeducation for schools and education in Delaware.