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Benin Country Overview

Market in Grand Popo Benin

Benin’s elongated shape is the result of the arbitrary colonial drawing of borders. Natural beauties, world cultural heritage sites, unique architecture and the peaceful coexistence of different peoples and cultures arouse curiosity about this diverse country on the West African…
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Benin Society

The King of Ketou Benin

Migration movements About 47% of the country’s population lives in cities. Population growth and increasing poverty are driving more and more people from their structurally weak villages to the cities. In particular, the outlying communities of the Cotonou agglomeration, such…
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Benin Healthcare

traditional healer in Porto Novo Benin

Stay healthy You should seek medical advice about the current travel medical information about Benin before you leave. You must be vaccinated against yellow fever to enter Benin. Discuss other possible vaccinations with a tropical medicine specialist. It is recommended…
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Living in Benin

A stately home in Cotonou Benin

Everyday life Everyday life in Benin’s larger cities is very different from life in the countryside. Supermarkets, doctors and schools with western standards can be found in Cotonou as well as traffic chaos and higher crime. In the country it…
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Travel to Benin

One of the frequent accidents in Benin

Currency: Franc CFA BCEAO (XOF) Exchange rate: 656 per € (fixed exchange rate) Time zone: UTC + 1 Country code (phone): +229 Climate (for capital): Equatorial climate Entry and residence requirements A visa is required for German citizens to enter…
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Benin Religion

Church of Heavenly Christians on the beach in Cotonou Benin

As for religious affiliation, the figures vary depending on the source. In addition, there is the fact, which seems strange to us, that for many Beniners it is not a contradiction to be a Christian or a Muslim and at…
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Benin Arts and Literature

A head-high drum in Abomey Benin

Arts According to franciscogardening, Benin can boast a whole range of contemporary artists, some of whom are well known beyond Benin’s borders and are represented at important exhibitions and biennials around the world. An important event is the Cotonou Biennale,…
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