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According to Itypetravel, Dallas County, Alabama was established on February 9, 1818. It is located in the south-central part of the state and is named after Alexander J. Dallas, who was the United States Secretary of the Treasury at the time. The county was initially populated by Creek Indians who had been forcibly removed from their ancestral lands in Georgia and Florida in 1836. This event is known as the Trail of Tears. The county seat is Selma, which was founded in 1820 and quickly became a major hub for cotton production during the antebellum period. During this time, Dallas County was home to several prominent planters who owned large cotton plantations that relied on slave labor. In 1861, Dallas County voted overwhelmingly to secede from the Union and join the Confederate States of America; this decision resulted in many of its citizens taking part in battles throughout the Civil War. After Reconstruction, Dallas County transitioned to an agricultural economy that relied heavily on cotton production as well as livestock raising and timber harvesting. As industry modernized over time, new businesses began to move into Dallas County and its population began to grow significantly; today it has a population of around 43,000 people. The Dallas County School District is the public school system for the county and serves over 9,000 students in grades K-12. The district is made up of 11 elementary schools, four middle schools, and four high schools. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and has a graduation rate of 85%. Dallas County’s high schools are well known for their athletic programs; Selma High School has won numerous state championships in football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and track & field over the years. The district also offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for students including robotics clubs, art clubs, chess clubs, debate teams, student government organizations, cheerleading squads and more. In addition to its public school system, Dallas County also has several private schools that offer faith-based education as well as specialized curricula such as Montessori or language immersion programs. There are also several colleges located nearby including Faulkner University in Montgomery which offers undergraduate degrees in a variety of fields. Dallas County’s educational system is dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning experience. Its teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals who strive to provide their students with an excellent academic foundation that will prepare them for success after graduation. The district also provides an array of support services such as counseling programs to help ensure that all students receive a quality education regardless of their background or circumstance. Check andyeducation for schools and education in Alabama.