St. Vincent Labor Market

Unemployment has been around 20 percent since the beginning of the 1990s. One reason is the sharply reduced banana production.

About two out of three working vincents are found in the service sector, where the tourism industry dominates. More than one in ten work in agriculture, in addition to those who grow for self-catering.

  • According to ABBREVIATIONFINDER, SVG stands for the country of St. Vincent and The Grenadines in geography.

The right to form trade unions, conclude collective agreements and call for strikes is protected by law. However, employees in certain important social functions, such as health care and police, are not covered by the strike right.

Minimum wages exist but vary for different occupations and jobs. There are also laws that specify the minimum number of vacation days for different professions.

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St. Vincent & Grenadines Population



19.7 percent (2019)

Youth Unemployment

41.5 percent (2019)

St Vincent Labor Market