Sinquerim, India

According to baglib, Sinquerim is located just 15 km from the state capital, the city of Panaji. This is a very beautiful corner of Goa, stretched along the surf line with cozy paths that are very pleasant to walk along. Being located in the southern part of the northern coast of the Indian paradise, it is a neighbor of two famous beaches – Candolim and Baga. The undoubted advantage over these popular tourist destinations is the presence of attractions, a developed hotel infrastructure and, at the same time, not crowded. The main disadvantage is that the beach is quite narrow, and in some places not particularly suitable for swimming. This is due to such a common phenomenon as erosion. In this case, the sea is more and more “stepping” on the sand due to the River Princess that ran aground nearby in June 2000.

On the one hand, the River Princess ship is a tourist attraction, and on the other hand, it causes irreparable damage to the environment. It can be seen in many photographs of those who rest in the area of ​​Candolim and Sinquerim. Some even try to get inside. Taking into account the fact that the ship is heavily rusted, and in some places sawn into metal by the local population, this can turn into a rather dangerous adventure. The Indian administration actually ignores the problem, struggling with the consequences of being in the sea in time for a pile of rusting iron that was not removed in time, with the help of special sandbags that prevent the erosion of the coast.

How to get to Sinquerim

From Moscow, Aeroflot flights arrive at Dabolim Airport, located in the village of the same name in Goa. From there to the resort – a little less than fifty kilometers.

By taxi

The most convenient way to get from the airport to Sinquerim is by taxi. The cost of such a trip is about 1200 INR. Ordering a taxi is quite simple. At the exit from the airport there are special counters responsible for calling the state taxi with fixed prices. There you can also find a stand where all prices are indicated in advance. Having paid for the trip and received the appropriate receipt from one of the employees at the counter, the passenger goes with her to the car and gets to the right place.

By bus

There are several ways to get to the resort by public transport. One thing unites them – numerous transfers and cheapness in comparison with a taxi ride. The cost of one trip varies from 10 to 30 INR. Buses run half empty during the day. Rush hours – early morning and evening.

The first way is to cross the road and catch a bus to the crossroads named after the famous discoverer, Vasco da Gama. Travel time to destination is about 10 minutes. Further, getting off at the bus stop (landmark – the bus station) next to the market, find transport to Panaji. You will have to get to it by shuttle or express, which differs from the usual bus in the absence of stops. Travel time is about half an hour. From the latter you can drive to Mapusa, from which you can already drive to the beach.

Indian buses do not have numbers. The maximum that can be found is the names of settlements-stops. However, unfortunately, they are rarely duplicated by English-language counterparts. So it is advisable to clarify the route and stops with the driver.

The second way is the same, but you walk or take a taxi to the Vasco da Gama intersection.

By train

The nearest railway station is located in Karmali, 25 km from the resting place. From the station you can take a taxi to Sinquerim.

The beaches of Sinquerim

The picturesque Sinquerima Beach is one of the oldest nature reserves in Goa. In addition, Sinquerima Beach is one of the few in Goa that offers world-class water activities. Here you can not only relax on the beach or swim, but also surf, dive, snorkel and parasail. On land – beach volleyball, sand castles.

Unfortunately, the picturesque and pleasant swimming are prevented by special sandbags, desperately resisting the erosion of the beach. They can be found far from everywhere, and even where bags are present, sometimes due to strong waves they become unusable and turn into pieces of tarpaulin, lying along the coastline.

Sinquerim Hotels

For the most part, all Sinquerim hotels are fashionable, expensive tourist complexes (eg Taj groups). However, you can also find inexpensive accommodation in apartments and low-star hotels. Almost all accommodation facilities in the Sinquerima area offer high service and excellent quality of services. Which cannot but affect prices.

The highest prices are during the New Year holidays. From mid-December to the first half of January, the cost almost doubles.

Entertainment and attractions

The famous Fort Aguada, located nearby, invariably attracts lovers of antiquity and just romantics. The fort was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century in order to protect against attacks from the sea and control their lands, especially in the Mandovi River area. On the top of the hill there is a lighthouse and a church, on the other side of the hill there is an impressive view of the prison. There are also several natural springs of water, which in those days were used by Europeans sailing to Goa after a long sea voyage from Lisbon. Today, part of the building is given over to a high-class hotel.

The fort is open from 10:00 to 18:00.

Sinquerim, India