Palestine 2018 Part 2


New protests – more dead

April 27

For the fifth Friday in a row, Palestinians from Gaza demonstrate near the fence against Israel. Four Palestinians lose their lives after being shot by an Israeli military. As a result, the number of fatalities rises to 44 since the Palestinians started their six-week manifesto on March 30, called the Great Return March. The protesters support the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to the places where they were displaced or fled in connection with the 1948 state of Israel and the war that followed.

More deaths at the border with Israel

April 20

For the fourth Friday in a row, residents of Gaza demonstrate along the fence against Israel, a state located in Asia continent defined by philosophynearby. This time too, clashes between Palestinians and Israeli military erupt. The Palestinians are applying new tactics and sending fire bombs with dragons across the border. The number of protesters is lower than the previous Fridays but is still counted in the thousands. Six people are killed by shots fired by Israeli snipers and 440 are injured by bullets or tear gas. Among the victims is a 15-year-old boy. The shots against the boy are condemned by the outside world that requires an investigation of the incident. The Israeli army announces that this has been initiated. In total, 40 Palestinians have now lost their lives in connection with the demonstrations that started in late March.

The events in Gaza continue

April 13

For the third Friday in a row, Palestinians in Gaza demonstrate at the fence against Israel. The number of participants is lower than the previous weeks, but is estimated by Israel to be around 10,000. A Palestinian is shot dead and over a hundred others are shot, according to Palestinian sources. The AFP News Agency reports that a total of 34 Palestinians have been killed at the border since the demonstrations started on March 30.

New riots with death victims in Gaza

April 6

New Palestinian demonstrations at the fence against Israel in Gaza require nine lives. Israeli snipers fire shots as a crowd approaches the fence, burning car tires and throwing stones at the Israeli soldiers. One of the victims is reported to be a press photographer. According to Palestinian data, nearly 500 people are injured. Israel’s actions are condemned by the outside world, while Israel defends itself as the crowd tried to break through the fence. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman says that “there are no na├»ve people in Gaza” and that those demonstrating at the border are acting on behalf of governing there.


Israeli fire against Gaza following missile attacks

30 May

Israel states that the country’s air force responded to the massive Gaza strip fire with attacks on over thirty military targets in Gaza. Militant groups have fired around 70 missiles at Israel, the military says, saying many of the missiles have been shot down by the Israeli air defense system.

A barrier is being built in the sea north of Gaza

May 27th

Israel announces that a barrier has begun to be built in the sea a few miles north of Gaza to prevent Palestinians with evil intentions entering Israel that way. The barrier consists of a breakwater, provided with barbed wire on the upper part.

Ready sign for demolition of Bedouin village

24th of May

The Supreme Court gives the go-ahead for demolishing the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar on the West Bank, located near Jewish settlements east of Jerusalem. The reason is that the village lacks building permits, which is almost impossible for Palestinians to get on occupied land where Israel has full control. The court’s decision is expected to upset countries in Europe that are committed to saving the village, such as Britain. It is unclear when the demolition of the village with 180 inhabitants will be put into operation. According to the authorities, residents will be relocated to another location.

Israel announces construction boom in settlements

24th of May

Minister of Defense Lieberman announces that he will seek final approval for the construction of 2,500 new homes in 30 settlements on the West Bank in 2018. In addition, clear sign will be given for the construction of an additional 1400 homes at a later stage. The Israeli peace movement Peace Now reports that housing construction in settlements has taken a step up since Donald Trump became president of the United States a year and a half ago. Through Trump’s entry, criticism of Israel’s settlement policy has largely ceased. According to Peace Now, Israel has approved 14,500 new homes during Trump’s time in power.

Palestine is admitted to more UN agencies

May 23

Palestine is expanding its international involvement through membership in the UN Trade Organization Unctad, the UN Industrial Development Agency Unido and the Chemical Weapons Prohibition Organization (OPCW).

The UN wants to send war criminals to Israel

May 18

The UN Human Rights Commission is voting to send a delegation of war crime investigators to Israel to investigate the circumstances surrounding the Israeli army’s deaths of Palestinians along the fence that separates Gaza from Israel. Since the demonstrations at the fence began in late March, more than 100 Palestinians have been shot dead. The US and Australia vote against the Commission’s decision. On the same day, at a meeting in Istanbul, the Islamic Cooperation Organization calls on the international community to set up a security force for the Palestinians. At the meeting, the President of Turkey said that Israel uses methods “similar to the Nazis”.

60 killed in embassy protest

May 14

60 Palestinians are killed in Gaza in connection with Palestinian protests against the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. That makes May 14 the bloodiest day since the war between Israel and Gaza in 2014. Over 2,400 Palestinians are reported to have been injured as protesters approach the fence between Israel and Gaza with stones and fire bombs and driven back by Israeli snipers. According to the Israeli army, 40,000 Palestinians participate in the protests in 13 places along the border. Israel says the Palestinians planned to tear down the fence and attack Israeli communities nearby. Protests are also taking place in Jerusalem. The outside world condemns Israel’s actions and a number of countries including the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium require an independent investigation of the events. The Arab League reports the case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Turkey is asking the Israeli ambassador to leave the country temporarily. The US stands on Israel’s side and says the Israelis have the right to defend themselves. In the days following the inauguration, the Palestinian Authority calls home its representative from Washington. Palestinian representatives in Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria are also called home when the Israeli ambassadors of these countries have proved the inauguration.

Abbas takes back a statement about Jews

May 4th

President Abbas apologizes for parts of a speech he made to the PLO Legislative Assembly. Abbas had said in the speech that the Jews were not persecuted in Europe because of their faith but because of their social function, ie that they were engaged in banking and lending activities. The statement arouses dismay worldwide and is condemned by the United Nations, the United States, and the EU, and so on, which causes Abbas to say that if the Jewish people are badly behaved, he wants to apologize. He adds that “we condemn the Holocaust, history’s most heinous crime, and anti-Semitism in all its forms.” The excuse is not taken seriously by the Israeli leaders. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman calls Abbas “a pathetic Holocaust denier” with reference to some early works by Abbas.

Abbas re-elected PLO leader

May 4th

The Palestinian National Council (PLO Parliament) unanimously elects President Mahmud Abbas as the leader of the organization. The event is PNC’s first regular meeting of 22 years. PNC also appoints a new executive committee to act as PLO’s government. Nine newcomers are selected while some of Abbas’ potential rivals may leave their seats.

New protests at the fence against Israel

May 4th

When Palestinians in Gaza demonstrate for the sixth consecutive Friday at the fence against Israel, over 400 protesters are injured. Nearly a hundred receive injuries caused by sharp shots or rubber bullets. To date, 49 people have lost their lives in connection with the Friday demonstrations that have been going on since March 30.

Palestine 2018 Part 2