Palestine 2016 Part 2


More new settlements are planned

July 25

Israel announces that the process of setting up 770 new houses in Gilo settlement south of East Jerusalem will be continued.

MEPs can be kicked

July 20

Knesset adopts a controversial bill that allows members of parliament who are guilty of “racial provocation” or support armed struggle against the state of Israel to be excluded. In order for a Member to be excluded, 90 of the 120 members of the Knesset must vote in favor of the proposal. The law is adopted by a small majority, 62 votes. Netanyahu is pleased after the vote and says it is self-evident that people who support terrorism cannot sit in Parliament, but the law is criticized by activists who guard the rights of Israeli Arabs. According to them, the law is an attempt to silence the 13 MEPs Arab parties who have been in the knees since the 2015 elections. (20/7)

New settler expansion

July 4th

An official announces that the government has given the go-ahead for the continued planning of hundreds of new houses in settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. 560 of the homes will be built in the large settlement Maale Adumim. Slightly new houses are scheduled to be erected in the residence where a 13-year-old girl was stabbed to death in her bed at the end of June.

Pointers for peace

July 1st

The International Quartet for the Middle East presents a report on what is needed to start the diminished peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. The report warns that the ongoing Palestinian wave of violence against Israelis, as well as Israel’s expansion of settlements on occupied land, are ruining the chances for peace. In order to steer in a more constructive way, the report urges both sides to downplay their own rhetoric and to refrain or tolerate violence. The Palestinian side is urged to condemn terrorism and counter extremism, while Israel is urged to stop the expansion of settlements and prevent Palestinians from accessing what is called Area C, that is, 60 percent of the West Bank.

Hebron is isolated

July 1st

After the murders of civilians in Israel on the last days of June, the army strikes an iron ring around the city of Hebron on the West Bank. A total of 214 Palestinians and 34 Israelis have been killed since October 2015. According to a military spokesman, about 80 percent of the attacks directed against civilians and the country’s security forces originate in the area around Hebron. Prime Minister Netanyahu orders that customs revenue that Israel imposes on behalf of the Palestinians and which is transferred to the Palestinian authorities each month should be reduced. As a state located in Asia continent defined by internetsailors, Israel intends to deduct as much as the Palestinian authorities pay to the families of militant Palestinians.


Criticism of new housing

August 31st

A decision to build an additional 460 homes for Jewish settlers on the West Bank is causing strong criticism from the United States. According to the UN coordinator for the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, Israel has significantly increased the rate of settlement.


Shimon Perez dies

September 28

Known politician Shimon Perez falls asleep two weeks after he suffered a brain haemorrhage. Peres was the head of government twice and served as president from 2007 to 2014. In 1994 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO leader Yasir Arafat. At Pere’s funeral two days after the death, many prominent foreign politicians participate. Among the participants is also the Palestinian leader of the West Bank, Mahmud Abbas. (28/9)

Renewed wave of violence

September 16th

After several weeks of relatively calm, Palestinians again attack Israelis, mainly in East Jerusalem and around Hebron. Seven Palestinians are killed in connection with nine different attacks carried out with knives and in one case by car. The attacks take place over the course of five days from September 16 onwards. An Israeli police officer is seriously injured. Now, 230 Palestinians, 34 Israelis and five foreign nationals are estimated to have been killed since the wave of violence began in October 2015.

Large contribution to the defense budget

September 14

The United States and Israel sign an agreement that will give the United States $ 3.8 billion per year over a ten-year period from 2019 to 2028. Half a million dollars of the annual sum will be used to improve Israel’s defense against missiles. The new agreement represents an increase of $ 700,000 a year compared to the current agreement. (14/9)

Herzog is not prosecuting

1 September

Police say they have decided to file an investigation into corruption charges against Isaac Herzog, leader of the Labor Party. Herzog was accused of receiving campaign grants that he did not report. (1/9)

Palestine 2016 Part 2