Palestine 2015 Part 2


Hamas Announces “Day of Wrath”

Hamas announces where to call a “day of wrath.” In connection with it, a rocket from Gaza is fired at a city in southern Israel. In response, Israeli air strikes target Gaza. Palestinians also protest in Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus on the West Bank.

Increased tensions at Temple Mount

Tensions at Haram al-Sharif / Temple Mount in East Jerusalem rise again since Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon banned two Muslim groups who are accused of confronting Jews who wanted to visit the site. Yaalon states that these groups are the main cause of the recurring tension and violence on Temple Mount, which is a sacred place for both Jews and Muslims. The following week, Israeli police and Palestinian youths meet in the area. Police claim the youths attacked Jews who wanted to visit Temple Mount in connection with the Jewish New Year. The police fire tear gas grenades at the youths who throw stones and shoot fireworks at the police. Several people are reported to have been injured. Unrest at Temple Mount occurs on and off throughout the month.


Israeli combat air strikes targets in Gaza

After launching some missiles at southern Israel, Israeli aircraft strike targets in Gaza. A woman and her little daughter are said to have lost their lives in the attacks.

Concerns are spreading – more are being killed

A few days after the murder of a settler couple on the West Bank, two ultra-Orthodox Jews are killed by a Palestinian in a knife attack in an alley in Jerusalem. After the murders, the authorities temporarily shut down the old city of Jerusalem to Palestinians with the exception of those living there, students and business owners. Prime Minister Netanyahu bans MPs from visiting Temple Mount / Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem.

During October, the unrest spreads on the West Bank and also to Arab villages inside Israel. Palestinian teenagers are shot to death in clashes with police. More knife attacks against Israelis follow. Assaults occur almost daily. In October, more than 80 people were killed. Of these, ten Israelis and the rest are Palestinians. Israel is trying to strengthen security by deploying hundreds of soldiers in strategic locations. Several Arab areas in East Jerusalem are blocked off and residents are forced to undergo security checks to get in and out.

Settler couple are shot to death

A settler couple is shot to death on the West Bank when traveling by car with their four young children. Israel responds by letting security forces search the area around the city of Nablus in search of suspected perpetrators and at least eight people arrested. The soldiers are met by stone-throwing youth and a number of people are injured in the clashes that occur. Five Hamas men arrested, suspected of murder.


Daily attacks / shooting deaths in November

Almost daily throughout November, attacks on Jews and the shooting of Palestinian attackers occur. At the end of the month, the AFP news agency reports that the unrest since it erupted in early October has claimed 120 lives. Seventeen of the victims are Jews. Almost all the rest are Palestinians.

Two are convicted of murder of Palestinian teenager

A court finds two underage Israelis guilty of kidnapping and burning a Palestinian teenager alive in the summer of 2014 (see July 2014). The main suspect behind the deed, a 31-year-old settler, cannot be convicted as his defender claims he was not sufficient and must undergo a psychiatric examination.

The EU adopts new guidelines on goods from occupied areas

The EU adopts guidelines saying that goods from Israeli settlements in occupied areas must be origin-marked if they are to be sold in the EU. The decision is condemned by Israel in very powerful terms. Netanyahu draws a parallel to the Nazis’ boycott of Jewish companies, and breaks all contacts with the EU on the Palestinian issue. Palestinian PLO welcomes EU decision but says it is not enough. Ideally, the Palestinians would like to see the EU banned all products from the settlements.

Two radio stations are shut down by security forces

Israeli security forces storm and shut down Palestinian radio station al-Hurria in Hebron. The station is accused of glorifying assaults on Israel, a state located in Asia continent defined by historyaah. Later in the month, another radio station on the West Bank will be closed. The station, al-Khalil, is accused of encouraging terror.

Teams against stone throwing are adopted

The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, is adopting a major law that sets the penalty for stone throwing against vehicles and pedestrians for at least three years in prison. Mild punishments should only be possible in exceptional cases.


Continued attacks against Jews

Also in December, a series of attacks against Jews from the Palestinian side occur, and many attacking Palestinians are shot dead in connection with the attacks. As the month draws to a close, 20 Jews and 137 Palestinians are estimated to have been killed since the beginning of October when the unrest arose.

The former prime minister’s penalty is reduced

The Supreme Court reduces the verdict against former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert from six years to 18 months in prison. Olmert was sentenced in March 2014 for bribery (see March and May 2014).

Palestine 2015 Part 2