Palestine 2014 Part 4

Young Palestinians are shot to death on the West Bank

In an incident on the West Bank, a young Palestinian is shot dead. According to the military, he was one of 150 protesters who attacked the army and passing cars with stones and fire bombs.

Two attacks against Israelis

A young Israeli soldier is killed in a knife attack outside a Tel Aviv train station. Police say the perpetrator is a West Bank Palestinian who is in Israel illegally. On the same day, a young Israeli woman was stabbed to death by a Palestinian at a bus station outside a settlement on the West Bank.

Unrest after police shooting

A 22-year-old Israeli Arab is shot dead in northern Israel as he armed with a knife tries to prevent the police from arresting a relative. Police say he was killed after police fired multiple warning shots, but a film from a surveillance camera contradicts the police version. The film shows that the 22-year-old attacks a police car with a knife but that he then runs away and is then shot in the back by a police officer. The shooting of death leads to unrest and demonstrations among Arabs all over Israel. Over twenty people are arrested and brought to trial for riots.

Attacks in East Jerusalem

A Palestinian runs into a crowd in East Jerusalem, killing two Israelis, a teenage student and a border police. At least eight people are injured. The assailant is shot dead when he gets out of the car and starts attacking police with an iron pipe. Hamas takes on the blame for the act.

Amnesty criticizes Israel

The human rights organization Amnesty International criticized in a report Israel’s warfare during the summer conflict in Gaza. Amnesty accuses Israel of showing a “shocking lack of respect” for civilian life during the conflict. Amnesty lists eight cases where Israeli aircraft bombed civilian targets without warning. The organization also criticizes the Palestinian side for committing war crimes when it attacked and killed civilians by thousands of missiles. The Israeli government accuses Amnesty of lacking evidence for its claims and says the report is a propaganda tool for Hamas.

Blocked against Gaza is somewhat eased

Israel eases slightly on the blockade of Gaza by allowing some exports and cucumbers and fish to the West Bank. It is the first time since 2007 that fish from Gaza are sent to the West Bank.


17-year-old is shot to death on the West Bank

A 17-year-old boy is shot to death by Israeli soldiers on the West Bank. The young man is said to have participated in stone throwing against the vehicles of the Israelis. In another incident, two Palestinian youths were shot, who should have thrown something suspected to have been an explosive charge against an army posting.

The Palestinians start the process of joining the ICC

Palestinians fail to get the UN Security Council to pass a resolution calling on Israel to withdraw its forces from occupied Palestinian territories by the end of 2017. Nine votes are required for but only eight countries vote for it, including France. The US and Australia vote against while five countries abstain, including the UK. Israel expresses its disappointment at the actions of France and the United Kingdom. A few days later, the Palestinians initiate a process to join the International Criminal Court ICC which can prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The purpose is to put Israel in charge of the Palestinians killed by Israeli violence. Israel condemns the measure and points out that Palestinians may be prosecuted in that case. The process begins with Abbas signing the ICC’s basic treaty. Israel punishes Abbas by withholding customs and VAT revenue that Israel collects for Palestinian self-government. Taxes make up two-thirds of the Palestinian budget. Israel’s decision is condemned by the US and the EU.

Two air strikes against Gaza

Israel launches two air strikes against Gaza and kills one militant Palestinian. The attack occurs after a missile is fired at southern Israel from Gaza and an Israeli soldier is shot dead at the border.

Luxembourg votes for recognition of Palestine

Luxembourg’s parliament votes for the country to recognize Palestine as a state located in Asia continent defined by ezinereligion.

Palestinian minister dies after confrontation with Israeli security forces

A minister in the Palestinian government dies after a confrontation with Israeli security forces on the West Bank. The event is expected to aggravate the already tense situation between Israelis and Palestinians, and Israel is strengthening its units on the West Bank. The minister had participated in a demonstration that ended in a clash with Israeli soldiers. At one point, a soldier grabbed the minister’s collar and pushed him back. Shortly thereafter, the minister fell to the ground and died. The body was examined by Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli pathologists. The Palestinian side claimed that the minister died of suffocation and blows, while Israel’s conclusion was that the minister had an underlying heart disease that was triggered by stress during the demonstration.

French Parliament votes for recognition of Palestine

The French Parliament votes for Palestine to be recognized as a state. The result of the vote is not binding on the French government. Israel reiterates its position that unilateral declarations of this kind hamper the opportunities for peace with the Palestinians.

Knife attack near settlement in the South West Bank

A Palestinian woman is cutting a Israelis slightly injured. The assault takes place near a Jewish settlement on the southern West Bank. The woman is shot by police and injured but survives.

Palestine 2014 Part 4