Palestine 2014 Part 1


Demonstrations after the shooting

In January, two young Palestinians were also killed. A 16-year-old dies from his injuries after being shot in the leg during a demonstration at the Israel-Gaza fence. According to Israel, the protesters had been violent and threatened the border guards with stones and burning tires. At the West Bank, a 19-year-old loses his life in a shooting drama. Israel states that the Palestinians had opened fire on Israeli soldiers while witnesses say he was unarmed. The incident on the West Bank causes hundreds of Palestinians to go out and demonstrate, which ends with a violent confrontation with Israeli security forces. Ten Palestinians are shot dead. In another incident at the Gaza-Israel fence, five Palestinians were shot dead.

Islamist killed in flight

A member of Islamic Jihad is killed in an Israeli air raid in Gaza and the organization promises revenge by resuming its suicide bombings in Israel, a state located in Asia continent defined by estatelearning.

Missile attack on Sharon’s funeral

January 13

Militant groups in Gaza fire missiles at a one in the Negev Desert where the funeral of former controversial Israeli government chief, Ariel Sharon, is underway. Sharon has just passed away after lying in a coma for eight years after a brain haemorrhage. Israel responds to the shooting by bombing two training camps for militant Palestinians in Gaza. During his time as head of government in Israel, Sharon made the decision to evacuate Israel from the Gaza Strip in 2005.

Information on plans for new settlements on the West Bank

The Peace Movement Fred Now states on January 10 that the Ministry of Housing announced that 1,800 new homes will be built in existing settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. The initiative is seen by the Palestinians as an attempt to torpedo the peace process. Later in the month, the government will make more proposals for construction projects in settlements. According to the plans, almost 2,800 new homes will be constructed in total.

Israel answers Gaza missile

A Gaza missile lands in southern Israel and Israeli aircraft respond by bombing Gaza rocket launchers.


Palestinian man shot at border with Gaza

A Palestinian man is shot to death near the Gaza-Israel fence. According to the man’s relatives, he had only devoted himself to collecting gravel to sell. Israeli authorities stated that the shooter led a group of men who had joined the fence.

Permits for new homes in settlements receive criticism

The Jerusalem City Council authorizes the construction of a total of 500 new homes in three settlements in the annexed East Jerusalem. The permits are criticized by the peace movement Peace Now, which states that, since the peace talks with the Palestinians began in late summer 2013, Israel has drawn up plans for the construction of more than 7,300 new homes in settlements; 4880 on the West Bank and 2422 in East Jerusalem.


Kerry is trying to save the peace process

US Secretary of State Kerry interrupts a trip to Europe to go to the region and try to prevent a threatening breakdown in the peace process. Disagreement prevails over the fourth and final round of prisoners to be released (see July 2013). Israel is on release, citing no progress in negotiations, and calls for the Palestinians to first agree to an extension of talks beyond the original deadline set on April 29. Another of the stumbling blocks is the demand made by Prime Minister Netanyahu: that the Palestinians should recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

The army is criticized by the human rights organization

The Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem criticizes the army for having earlier in the month fired sharp fire at some innocent Palestinian youths on the West Bank and killed one of them. According to B’Tselem, the teenagers were only out to pick up thistles, while the army claims that the youths have joined the security barrier between Israel and the West Bank.

Construction of new homes in East Jerusalem

The government finally approves the construction of over 180 new Jewish homes in annexed East Jerusalem. At the same time, plans are underway to build 2,300 new houses in Jewish settlements on the West Bank.

Four Palestinians are killed in fear of suspected terrorist

At least four Palestinians are shot dead and 14 injured by security forces in connection with a raid on a refugee camp in Jenin on the West Bank. The Israelis were in search of a member of the radical Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which was suspected of planning attacks on Israeli targets. The suspect was one of those killed.

Extensive shootings between Israel and Gaza

In the middle of the month, the most extensive Israeli-Gaza shooting breaks out in two years. In a few days, militant Palestinians send more than 60 rockets to southern Israel, and Israelis respond with more than 30 air strikes to targets in Gaza. The shooting starts from the Palestinian side in retaliation for Israel having previously killed three Palestinian activists. According to the Israelis, the three had fired rockets at Israel. Despite the fiery fire, no deaths are reported.

Palestinian woman is shot to death at the border

Israeli forces kill a woman who is at the fence between Israel and Gaza. Israel has established a security zone on the Palestinian side of the fence and is shooting at people who come too close. According to Palestinian sources, the woman suffered from mental illness and it was unclear why she was in the zone.

Palestine 2014 Part 1