Most Beautiful Places to Travel in Brazil

Brazil, a beautiful tropical country by nature has many destinations to visit. Learn then which are the best places to travel in Brazil!

Jorge Ben Jor was not wrong when he said that Brazil is beautiful by nature. The continental size of the country allows all kinds of landscapes, ranging from paradisiacal beaches to hidden beauty inside the states.

Most Beautiful Places to Travel in Brazil

In addition to the natural spectacles, the more than 500 years of Brazilian history are responsible for founding cities rich in culture and influences from ancient times, which allows various types of travel and tourism, whether in the North, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast or South.

With such a variety of options, it is even difficult to define which are the best places to travel in Brazil. But we decided to help you and we listed the options to make your next trip easier. Here we go?

Beautiful Brazilian destinations by nature

Brazil is so beautiful but so beautiful that it occupies two positions in the list of 7 wonders of nature. So, nothing fairer than starting with them on the list of beautiful destinations by nature.

Amazon, a world heritage site


The vast diversity of animals, rivers and plants in the Amazon has placed the forest at the top of the list made by the New7Wonders Foundation, making it one of the seven wonders of the world – and of course the entire country.

There are several national parks along its length, as well as guided walks along its rivers – including the meeting of waters of the Negro and Solimões rivers. There is also the possibility to visit some of the existing indigenous tribes, learning more about the culture of the first inhabitants of this land. If you are Brazilian, you need to know your main biome which, let’s face it, also has a share in other countries of the continent.

Iguazu Falls, the beauty of the border

Iguazu Falls

Another Brazilian destination on the list of 7 wonders of nature is the Iguazu Falls, located on the border with Argentina. More precisely in Foz do Iguaçu, in the state of Paraná.

As waterfalls attract millions of tourists, the city has set up a real structure to welcome everyone with open arms. Besides all the beauty of the falls, it is possible to take advantage of the triple border (between Paraguay and Argentina) to get to know more of the neighboring countries.

Bonito, the city that honors your name


Bonito is not on the list we listed, but we could not forget this paradise. Located in Mato Grosso do Sul, Bonito honors its name with crystal clear waters and a direct contact with the nature of the Pantanal.

In recent years the city has been discovered, with a reinforcement of the types of lodgings made available to its visitors and also the tours, ranging from diving in the transparent rivers to rappelling in the Anhumas Abyss. Take the opportunity to visit the Blue Lake Cave, the city’s main postcard.

Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina

The main ecotourism destination in Brazil has name and surname: Chapada Diamantina, located in the state of Bahia! With caves, canyons, waterfalls and many other natural beauties, the chapada attracts tourists every year and is a destination worth visiting.

To explore the area in the best way, look for guides in the area so they can take you to the must-see spots of this enchanting destination. Oh, and be sure to choose your hostel. There are several options and all wonderful.



Places that are untouched by human action are even more beautiful in preserving their essence. This is Jericoacara, a fishing village located on the coast of the state of Ceará.

With its classic hammocks in the sea, the village has soft sandy streets, inns, dunes and breathtaking beaches. Best of all is the peace the place has in store: a real disconnect from the city. Get ready to take stunning pictures and also to miss you as soon as you have to leave the villa.

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

How not to talk about beauty without talking about Fernando de Noronha? Where the sun rises earlier, the destination has the most beautiful set of beaches in all of Brazil. No, this is no exaggeration. Fernando de Noronha is definitely the perfect explanation of what we call beauty.

The islands that make up the archipelago have incredible experiences, such as turtle diving, dolphin-rides and breathtaking landscapes. There is only one point: your visit here is not the most economical, but worth every penny.