Morshyn, Ukraine

According to zipcodesexplorer, Morshyn has been known for more than a hundred years as one of the best balneological resorts in Ukraine. It is located in the Carpathian region, in the Lviv region, at an altitude of 340 m above sea level; You can get here either by rail or by car.

Local healing springs contain a unique set of sulphate-magnesium salts, which are especially useful in the treatment of liver diseases and diabetes: liver cells are literally restored. The resort is located in a green zone of ecologically clean forests, there is wonderful air, but there is nothing to do here except for treatment: there is no entertainment infrastructure in Morshyn, it is better to go to Lviv for it.

How to get to Morshyn

The most convenient way to get to Morshyn is from Lviv. There are no direct flights between Russia and Ukraine now, but you can fly with a transfer. There are flights from Moscow with a connection in Minsk, Warsaw or Baku, and from St. Petersburg – with a stopover in Minsk, Warsaw or Vienna. In addition, the Moscow-Lviv train departs daily at 15:59 from the Kievsky railway station, the travel time is about 22.5 hours, the fare is from 77 EUR one way.

  • By train

The easiest way is to get first to the city of Stryi, there are several passing trains a day, at least three: 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening. You will have to spend about an hour on the road, the fare is from 50 UAH one way. Minibuses (from 2 UAH) and electric trains (from 4.50 UAH) run from Stryi to Morshyn, you can also take a taxi, it will cost about 50 UAH.

It is also convenient to get to Morshyn from Minsk. For example, by train Mogilev – Lviv, which comes with a stop in Morshyn: the journey takes about 13.5 hours, the fare is from 500 UAH one way.

  • By bus

Regular buses and minibuses to Morshyn depart daily from the station square in Lviv. Buses run frequently, the interval is no more than half an hour, so it is not necessary to buy a ticket in advance. Travel time – 2-2.5 hours, fare – about 70 UAH.

Weather in Morshyn

The local climate is moderately warm and humid, the average temperature in summer is +20 °C, in winter -4 °C. The hottest months are July and August with an average monthly temperature of around +22°C. Morshyn is characterized by very high humidity and low atmospheric pressure.

Treatment in Morshyn

The local treatment is based on drinking mineral water “Rapa”. Due to its choleretic, diuretic, relaxing effect, the body is cleansed, radionuclides are eliminated, the acid-forming function of the stomach is normalized, and the immune status is increased. As well as healing factors are peat mud and “mountain wax” – ozocerite.

Morshyn sanatoriums treat chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, chronic hepatitis, chronic diseases of the liver and pancreas, chronic diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, chronic diseases of the large and small intestines, diabetes mellitus, and obesity.

Methods of treatment: aerotherapy, mineral waters (ingestion and baths), therapeutic nutrition, physiotherapy exercises, pelotherapy, psychotherapy, phytotherapy, therapeutic massage, coniferous-mineral and “pearl” baths, hydropathy, electrolight therapy, magnetic and laser therapy, balneo-mud and keritotherapy, inhalations, acupuncture.

Entertainment and attractions

From Morshyn it is convenient to go for entertainment to Lviv, where you can see the Lviv Opera House and the “medieval city” of Lviv with the cathedral, the Bernandine Church, the Armenian Church and other interesting buildings in all its glory.

From Morshyn, about 50 km to the tourist center of Yaremche (waterfall, Dovbush cave, national bazaar), and to the ski resort Bukovel – 70 km.

Morshyn, Ukraine