Magnificent Sights in Bodrum

The now so coveted Bodrum is a lizard for the soul with its white sandy beaches, its lush vegetation and the wild nightlife. But when you have some time left over for other things, it is worth checking out some famous sights around the city and on this peninsula that many turn their eyes to. Join a little guided tour of Bodrum’s best sights.

The Underwater Museum

If you belong to the crowd of people who think diving sounds a little scary, you can instead make it easy for yourself and visit the famous Underwater Museum which is located in Bodrum Castle. There is not only life from the sea but also a lot of artifacts from shipwrecks, remains and other ancient archaeological finds. Here you can also get the opportunity to touch certain objects and go up to the two showrooms with valuable glass copies.

St. Peter’s Castle

According to, this magnificent castle was built in the 16th century as a protection against intruders and for reconnaissance missions. It is located on a rocky beach between two bays and became the last Christian fortress in the region of Anatolia. Today it is an Underwater Museum but seeing it from the outside is also very exciting. In addition to the museum, the castle has many fine courtyards and medieval stairs and towers that lead the mind back to the world of fairy tales. The small style chapel, which has now been converted into a mosque, belongs to the most beautiful part of the castle, surrounded by sweet mulberry trees and white doves fluttering past.


Maybe it’s silly to list Halikarnas as a sight but the fact is that this liberal disco is among the most famous in all of Europe and Turkey. It is an outdoor disco and in addition to dancing until the wee hours, you can also watch the artists who perform here. The disco is located on the famous bar street Cumhuriyet cad. filled with people all the way into the morning twig. Every day, this mythical nightclub is open and DJs from all over the world have played here.

Ölu Deniz

Very close to the city of Bodrum is a lagoon called Ölu Deniz which means dead water. The name has come when the water is so calm and still because it is nestled among beaches and mountain landscapes. Many also talk about Ölu Deniz as the blue lagoon which is part of a nature reserve with a charming village nearby. The place that is truly a piece of paradise is known for its excellent weather suitable for paragliding, because the area seen from the air is so insanely beautiful that it often takes your breath away. Diving is also popular here.

Zeki Walls Museum

The famous Turkish singer and artist Zeki Muren had a summer house in Bodrum and when he died it was turned into a museum. Here the walls are lined with his own art and texts from private life as well as a number of other objects that distinguish him. You can also find interesting costumes from his artistic life when he really was ahead of his time, e.g. to pay attention to homosexuality, etc. The museum is open every day and it only costs 1.2 euros to enter here. Photography is free, which is often not the case in Turkey, so do not forget your mobile phone or camera.

Magnificent sights in Bodrum