General information about Alanya

It may be a little difficult to keep Alanya and Antalya apart, but these are two different cities in Turkey. However, they are both equally popular tourist destinations and there are both marked differences and great similarities between the two gold nuggets.
Alanya is located in the province of Antalya and is thus not far from the city of Antalya and many put the two cities in the same holiday package when they choose to go on a beach holiday to Turkey. And of course, together they make the ultimate vacation. By bus it is easy to get between the cities which both have a solid history, sunbathing and shopping to offer. The cities are 140 km apart and it is often to Antalya Airport that you go and then head to Alanya.

Alanya’s historical purpose

According to, Alanya is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains in the north and faces the Mediterranean Sea in the south. The city has changed its name a number of times depending on who ruled it. It originally listened to the name Coracesium, but switched to Kalonoros during the Byzantine Empire. It was early a stronghold that was the basis for many battles and greatness. From here they scouted, defended their government and discussed their latest plans. Who would have thought that Alanya would later take the whole world there in a peaceful way?

A typical seaside resort

If you are really eager to throw in the towel in the sand and snorkel among fish and starfish, you should without a doubt choose Alanya, while Antalya is more of a cultural treasure with a wonderful shopping offer.
Alanya has several beaches that are visited by tourists from morning to evening, and when the sun has set or at least is on its way, the streets are usually lined with open bars, shops and bazaars. The port area in particular is particularly attractive when it comes to cheap shopping, nightlife and good food.
As the city has grown with its tourism, it has also established walking and cycling paths for the health-conscious, as well as a number of outdoor gyms along the promenade and inside the city center.
You can also try an authentic Turkish bath in some of the facilities available.

The tower and the castle

Alanya also has cultural treasures, however Antalya is still at the top. In Alanya, there is a medieval castle that served as a defense for the Seljuks. The castle, which lights up the entire harbor at night, is very beautiful to admire from below the water when eating your dinner. The red tower served as a fortress and scout tower in the past in the world.
Around the castle, which is called Kizil kule, are cozy stone houses and cobbled streets in the part of Alanya called the old town. Here you get a genuine feeling and you often meet the city’s residents who live in the houses.

From Sweden to Alanya

You can either choose to fly regularly or take a charter trip. The journey takes between 3-4 hours and you often end up at Antalya Airport – Antalya Havalimani and then take a bus to Alanya; a journey of about 2.5 hours.
Nowadays, however, the city has got its own airport as the tourists become more and more every year and demand a direct flight. The airport is called Gazipasa and opened its doors in 2009.

General information about Alanya