Excursion Tips on Isla Mujeres

When you are going to Mexico on vacation, a visit to the southeastern parts of this country will be preferable. Here you immediately come to the idyllic part known as the Caribbean coastline. Here you will find a tourist resort called Cancún, which is the place you visit if you want to take the ferry to the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres which is located about 12 km from Cancún in the middle of the open sea.

Now, of course, you do not just want to go to this island because it is located in the sea, but here your reason may be to see all the beauty that exists. This can include sun and swimming as well as living on a fabulous island in the Caribbean Sea. It can also be to see and experience all the great things there are to do and see on this island.

Snorkel and dive outside Playa Indios

When you want to snorkel or dive on your holiday to Mexico, your visit to Isla Mujeres will be filled with this if you head to Playa Indios. Here you will find a relatively large coral reef adjacent to this beach, while you are also in the middle of the sea surrounded by lots of different fish species. When you then get up, there will be a number of different restaurants, after you have taken a nice rest in the white sand on the beach.

Garrafón Park

When you want the absolute best of snorkeling, kayaking a bar and a pool section, the Parque Garrafón is for all the money. Here you will find a well-preserved natural coral reef that is cared for and protected by knowledgeable staff. While you are visiting this park, a visit to Dolphin Discovery Park will also be very close at hand.

At Dolphin Dicovery Park you will see behavior with dolphins and really know how these animals work. Maybe you will come home with the knowledge of why dolphins are such helpful and friendly animals.

Punta Sur

Yes, here you can not hear by name what this is. Anyway, this is an ecological park where you can take a nice walk and see a fully functioning lighthouse. Simply take a hike here when you want to unwind and take it easy for a few hours. You will also have a full view of the sea as well as find many different statues during your walk.

El Meco Archaeological Site

According to Elaineqho.com, this is really something for those who want to know how the Mayan people lived several thousand years back in time. Here you can see lots of different types of buildings through excavations and ruins. You can also see that even at that time they were a very well-educated people, who knew exactly how to take care of Mother Earth properly.

This park is large and can be enough for a whole day trip. You choose freely if you are going to read and hike on your own, or if you want to join a guided tour where you get to know everything during the journey.

Excursion tips on Isla Mujeres