Cyprus Interesting Facts

The┬áissue of language is also important for people moving abroad. Cyprus used to be an English colony, so 90% of the local population speaks English. This means that in Paphos you will feel much more comfortable than anywhere else in Europe. It is useful to note that all road signs, direction signs and shop signs are written in English, although sometimes there are signs in Russian. Many people in Cyprus also speak Russian, French and German. Don’t be surprised if you meet a local who graduated in Russia.

According to Ehistorylib, Cyprus is a Christian Orthodox country. Christian churches exist in all settlements. However, Anglican and Catholic services are regularly held at St. Paul’s Church in Paphos. There is also a Russian Church in Limassol. It is necessary to note the attitude of local residents towards other religions as well. Muslim mosques also exist in almost all major cities. The most famous of them is the Tekes Mosque in Larnaca, which has a very rich history and great significance for Muslims around the world.

The currency is the Cypriot pound (CYP), which is divided into 100 cents. Banknotes currently in circulation: Banknotes: CYP 20, CYP 10, CYP 5, CYP 1. Coins: 50 cents, 20 cents, 10 cents, 1 cent.

System of measures and weights
Same as in Russia: Metric

The climate plays a huge role when people start thinking about moving abroad. Paphos is protected from the north by the Troodos mountains, so there are short mild winters and long warm summers, 340 days of sunshine a year – here, by far, the most favorable climate on the island compared to other cities, where the temperature is always 1 or 2 degrees higher, as well as and humidity especially in Limassol. The temperature rarely drops below 16*C. The short rainy season falls between November and March.

Paphos has a primary and secondary school of very high standards and accepts both English and non-English children. International Schools in Paphos achieve excellent results at the secondary school level. Schools are open during the daytime, and in addition there is a boarding school designed for more than 50 children. There is a college in Paphos where they study business, hotel administration and many other subjects. There are some courses for older students as well. Soon a Russian language course will be introduced in schools.

Television and Radio
Radio and TV programs are broadcast in English and Greek, including news programs. About 70% of TV programs are in English and many of them are very popular. The BBC World Service and British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) and other foreign channels are received in Paphos. Your home can be equipped with a satellite dish that receives more than 30 programs from all over the world, including from Russia ORT, RTR, NTV and others. On Thursdays, the Cypriot television channel “Sigma” broadcasts programs in Russian. Russian films are also often shown.

Local and foreign newspapers, both daily and weekly, are sold in most kiosks and supermarkets. Pocket series books, magazines and other publications are also readily available. In addition, Russian newspapers are sold in Cyprus, both published in Russia and in Cyprus.

Crime level
According to Interpol statistics, the crime rate in Cyprus is only one-sixth of the average crime rate in other European countries. You will be pleasantly surprised that cars are very rarely stolen here, so you can leave windows and doors open. This is due to the honest and friendly attitude of the local population. Settling in Paphos, you can enjoy your personal security and not think about turning your house into a fortress.

Medical service
Medical care in Cyprus meets high European standards and is inexpensive. Most Cypriot doctors were educated in the US or the UK, as well as in Russia and Germany. The new Paphos Central Hospital, which opened at the end of 1990, is designed and equipped with the latest medical and surgical technology in the UK and the US. Inpatient treatment fees are low, and those who prefer private treatment can turn to the many private clinics and medical centers in Paphos, which also employ highly qualified internists and surgeons working in all areas of medicine.

Cyprus has two international airports, one is 20 minutes drive from Paphos in an absolutely safe location near the coast and far from the mountains. Planes fly from Paphos airport to Moscow and other Russian cities. Therefore, the choice of Paphos for the construction of a new home is ideal. Larnaca airport is located 1.5 – 2 hours drive from Paphos and, as you know, planes also fly from there to Russia and other CIS countries.

Post and telecommunications in Cyprus are fast and inexpensive. The most modern equipment, provide you with a direct connection, with 134 countries, providing you with the widest range of telex, fax, modem, mobile communications (GSM), Internet and satellite communications.

Road communications
Cyprus has one of the best road infrastructures in the world. Modern roads, the quality of which allow you to relax during long journeys around the island. It is impossible not to note the very high culture of driving vehicles. As a rule, cars stop their movement in order to let the next pedestrian pass! Tourists should not forget that in Cyprus there is a left-hand traffic. Therefore, Leptos Estates asks you to be careful especially during the first days of your stay on the island.

Electrical voltage in home sockets: 240 volts. Frequency: 50 Hertz If, for any reason, in your new home, you need a mains voltage of 380 Volts, then our company can provide you with such a connection.

Products in Cyprus are excellent. Vegetables, fruits, meat and fish are always fresh, and supermarkets always have a wide selection of imported goods. Prices are quite affordable and fruits and vegetables are surprisingly cheap. Bananas, kiwis, oranges, tangerines, apples, grapes, melons and avocados grow in abundance in the Paphos area.

Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes
Cypriot wines and other spirits are of excellent quality and surprisingly cheap. For example, a bottle of good red or white wine costs about 1.5 CYP. Cypriot cognac is from 1.5 to 3 CYP per bottle. A pack of cigarettes (20 pieces) – from 1.5 CYP.

Household Items
Paphos has branches of many leading household goods companies that provide further warranty services. Gas is sold only in portable canisters. Gas in a cylinder of 10 kg, used for cooking and consumed within one month, costs 1.85 Cypriot pounds, provided that the empty cylinder is returned.

Clothes can be bought at very reasonable prices. A dress costs from 10 CYP and a tailor’s work from 12 CYP and up. Tailored men’s suits are priced at 45 CYP and up and trousers are priced at 15 CYP, locally made skirts are around 12 CYP and the highest quality leather shoes are from 10 CYP

European Community
Cyprus is already recognized as a country European Economic Community. Experts said that when Cyprus joins the European Union, housing prices will rise by one and a half to two times. The demand for property in Cyprus is constantly growing.

Cyprus Interesting Facts