Cities and Resorts in Georgia


Sairme is one of the most popular balneological resorts. It is located in the mountains, near the city of Baghdati, and has been attracting tourists for many years.


There are many sources here, the water in each is different in composition, so it affects the body in different ways. You can treat impaired metabolism, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and gallbladder, improve immunity and mental activity. Many tourists love hot springs.

Of course, the resort has spa centers and sanatoriums, some with fitness rooms and swimming pools. A polyclinic has been opened where experienced doctors will help you choose the best source for treatment.


The main local attraction is picturesque forests, lakes and mountains. Walking tours are organized along them, and just looking at them from the windows is pleasant and contributes to better treatment.


The most popular ski resort in the country. It is young, but there are a lot of tracks and slopes, a pleasant climate and soft snow.


You can ski from December to April, there are many trails for beginners, but experienced skiers will not be bored either. Excellent instructors – if you have never been on a snowboard or skiing, then a vacation in Georgia in Gudauri will be a great option. There are 22 tracks in total, the length of the longest is 7 kilometers. Off-piste skiing is very developed here, you can generally go up by helicopter to the place of descent with untouched snow and virgin soil. There is a zone for children, riding on cheesecakes and snowmobiles.

There are no trails for cross-country skiing, and there is no skating rink or skate rental. Hotels often have tennis courts, bowling, swimming pools, some can be visited for a fee, even if you have chosen not a hotel, but a house for housing.


You can diversify skiing by visiting the local nature – a trip to the Aragvi Gorge, the Cross Pass, to the foot of Mount Kazbek or to the Kelskoye Plateau with the most beautiful cones of extinct volcanoes.

Visa and customs

Citizens of Russia do not need a visa for a visit for three months. You will not be able to enter the country if you have marks from Abkhazia or South Ossetia in your passport, so take care of this in advance.

Customs rules are standard – the import of alcohol and tobacco is limited, the currency must be declared, the import and export of national currency can be no more than 25 thousand lari. It is forbidden to import dangerous substances and weapons, pornography, drugs and some medications.

IMPORTANT: Export wine only in factory sealed packaging. As elsewhere, you can not export items of cultural and historical value. It is better to have documents for souvenir weapons.


Reviews about holidays in Georgia are mostly positive – tourists like the local nature, beaches, climate. The locals treat Russians well, despite all the disagreements between the countries. Russian is spoken almost everywhere, although it has been observed that Russian speakers are often overpriced for goods, taxi fares, and services. Most often, delicious cuisine, clean air, beautiful nature, good nature of the locals are mentioned among the advantages. Many people like local baths, tourists also respond well to treatment.

Among the shortcomings, the dirt on the streets, the intense heat in the summer months and the poorly developed infrastructure are most often cited. Also, many note that the roads are not very good, and it is often very inconvenient to get to the sights even on your own or rented car. In general, local drivers do not follow the rules at all, which interferes with both pedestrians and motorists. There are also complaints about frequent rains, especially at the beginning and end of the swimming season.

Local cuisine causes conflicting reviews – someone likes everything, and someone seems too greasy and heavy, but it depends on personal preferences.

Cities and Resorts in Georgia