Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the dream of office plankton from the States, about the same as for ours – Antalya or Hurghada. A resort with ideal settings to become a worthy desktop screensaver of your laptop. And this is true: the beaches here are snow-white, the water is turquoise, the palm trees are emerald, and the girls, without exception, are tanned and in bikinis. However, this sandy “seven” frozen in the Caribbean Sea (this is what the Cancun squiggle looks like from the window of an airplane) is ready to offer its tourists something more than a banal beach felting. Shopaholics are waiting for dozens of first-class shopping centers, fathers of families – fishing for barracuda and marlin, diving near the corals of Cozumel, kiting and surfing, but true ladies – all kinds of treatments in spa centers.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Mexico is 130.3 million (2021).

But that’s not all: walks in the jungle of the Isle of Women, swimming with turtles in the Shel-Ha reserve, excursions to the ruins of the Mayan civilizations in Xcaret, the best nightclubs and restaurants in Mexico, and finally, uninterrupted animation in giant all-inclusive hotels. It is no wonder that all this splendor is so loved by plump gringos from America, who imposingly walk around the streets of Cancun with “reflex cameras” at the ready and a glass of beer in their hands. Time to join them!

Treatment in Cancun

Mexico has a very high level of medical care, modern clinics and American standards, and prices are much lower than in the States. Most often, residents of the United States and Canada come for treatment, but our compatriots often receive medical care here.

All foreigners are provided with an individual room, personal consultations with a doctor, and sometimes they even offer ready-made package tours. Dentistry, cosmetic surgery and orthopedics are especially well developed here. There are several clinics in Cancun that work with international patients.

Those who are planning to undergo treatment should be especially responsible in obtaining insurance, as in some cases it is possible to return part of the money.

If travelers are not in the mood for such a serious approach, then you can improve your health with the help of pleasant procedures in the numerous spa centers of the resort.


Of course, the most popular gift from Cancun is tequila and mezcal from Don Julio, Corralejo and Herragudo. It is best to buy alcohol in small shops in the Old Town, where it will be guaranteed to be of high quality and less expensive.

Everything related to the Mayan culture (mainly masks and figurines) can be found in the market at Mercado, 28, and ordinary souvenirs are also sold there. Prices here are lower than in the hotel zone, and the choice is wider. In the market, you can and even need to bargain. Also in Cancun you can buy sombreros, ponchos or hammocks, they are sold in almost all souvenir shops, and a real hammock will be not only a pleasant, but also a useful gift, especially for those who have a dacha.

But local products are not the only thing that is interesting for Cancun shops, many tourists arrange real shopping here, buy branded clothes and shoes, however, it is better to go to official boutiques for them, as there is less risk of acquiring a fake. You can save a lot of money on sales, which usually take place after the New Year and at the end of summer. All shopping areas are divided into three parts: the hotel, the Old Town and open markets. There are several hundred shops on the beach spit: the hotel zone is the most popular, but also the most expensive. For affordable prices, it is better to go to the Old Town.

Cuisine and restaurants in Cancun

Unlike other regions of the country, which have adopted many of the culinary features of their neighbors, in Cancun you can try classic Mexican cuisine. Its base is a round corn taco with meat, vegetables, pepper, lime and spices. By the way, tacos can also be called local fast food, they are eaten not only in restaurants, but also on the go. In addition to them, you should try “tamales” – rolls of thin corn dough with filling, “tortas” – a kind of Mexican version of a hamburger, “posole” – meat broth with vegetables and “chilaquiles” – corn chips with unripe tomato sauce.

If you want a light snack, buy Agua Fresca, a drink like a smoothie made from fruits and grains.

Of course, there are enough cafes and restaurants in the hotel zone, but almost all of them are designed for tourists from North America and prepare dishes familiar to them, and for real local cuisine you should go to the Old Town, or even better go to a cafe where locals eat. Dinner per person with a small amount of tequila or Mexican beer will cost from 20 USD in the center and from 40 USD near the hotels.

Cancun, Mexico