Braddock Heights, Maryland Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Braddock Heights, Maryland is located in Frederick County and is bordered by the cities of Middletown and Myersville to the north, Burkittsville and Jefferson to the east, Boonsboro and Keedysville to the south, and Smithsburg to the west. With a population of just over 5,000 people, Braddock Heights offers its residents a peaceful small-town atmosphere with access to nearby cities.

Middletown is a popular destination for those living in Braddock Heights due to its proximity and range of amenities. The city features shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, parks and trails as well as schools such as Middletown High School. It also has several historical sites including the Washington Monument State Park which features monuments dedicated to George Washington’s military service in Maryland.

Myersville is another nearby town that is within easy reach of Braddock Heights. This small town features several historic buildings including the Myersville Bank which was built in 1871. The town also offers plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing at Catoctin Creek or hiking on one of its many trails.

Burkittsville is a tiny hamlet located just east of Braddock Heights that was established in 1790 by Colonel Joseph Burkitt. The town has managed to maintain much of its charm over the years with many buildings still sporting their original architecture from its founding days. Visitors can explore Burkittsville’s past by visiting sites such as Stony Lonesome Cemetery or visiting local museums like the General Store Museum or the Burkittsville Historical Society Museum.

Jefferson is another city located east of Braddock Heights that was founded in 1837 by Peter Jefferson Jr., son of Thomas Jefferson’s nephew Peter Jefferson Sr., who served as mayor for two terms from 1837-1841. This city offers visitors plenty of attractions including historic sites like Fort Frederick State Park which was built during the French & Indian War; museums such as Catoctin Furnace Historical Society; plus plenty more outdoor activities like boating on Lake Linganore or hiking along one of its many trails.

Boonsboro lies south of Braddock Heights and offers visitors an array of attractions such as antebellum homes like Rose Hill Manor; museums like Shafer Park Museum; plus outdoor activities such as kayaking on Antietam Creek or tubing down Beaver Creek at Greenbrier State Park which also features camping opportunities for those looking for an overnight stay.

Keedysville lies just south-west from Boonsboro and provides visitors with numerous options for exploring history with sites such as Keedysville Historic District featuring homes from various periods throughout American history; plus museums like Washington County Rural Heritage Museum showcasing artifacts from this region’s past; plus plenty more outdoor activities including fishing at Antietam Creek or camping at local campgrounds like Camp David Farm Campground & RV Resort where visitors can take advantage of all sorts amenities offered here including a pool and mini golf course!

Finally, Smithsburg lies west from Braddock Heights offering visitors several attractions including historic sites like National Road Interpretive Center which features artifacts related to America’s first federal highway; plus museums like Smithsburg Railroad Station & Caboose Museum showcasing artifacts related to this area’s railroad history; plus plenty more outdoor activities like hiking along Catoctin Trail or camping at Smithsburg Little League Campground where visitors can enjoy all sorts amenities offered here!

Braddock Heights, Maryland

Population of Braddock Heights, Maryland

Braddock Heights, Maryland is a small town located in Frederick County with a population of 1,616 as of the 2019 census. The town is situated near the Blue Ridge Mountains and has a total area of 0.8 square miles. Braddock Heights is an unincorporated community that is home to many businesses and historic sites.

The majority of the population in Braddock Heights are White (87.2%), with African American (8.1%) and Hispanic/Latino (2.9%) making up smaller percentages of the population. The median age in Braddock Heights is 44 years old, with approximately 54% of the population being over the age of 45 years old.

The town’s economy relies heavily on tourism due to its close proximity to popular attractions such as Appalachian Trail, Catoctin Mountain Park, and Cunningham Falls State Park. Businesses such as restaurants, bed & breakfasts, antique stores, and gift shops are located throughout the town and provide jobs for local residents. There are also several small manufacturing companies located in Braddock Heights that specialize in production for military applications, medical equipment, and other industrial products.

Braddock Heights has a vibrant history that dates back to when it was founded by Peter Jefferson Jr., son of Thomas Jefferson’s nephew Peter Jefferson Sr., who served as mayor for two terms from 1837-1841. The town also offers plenty of attractions including historic sites like Fort Frederick State Park which was built during the French & Indian War; museums such as Catoctin Furnace Historical Society; plus plenty more outdoor activities like boating on Lake Linganore or hiking along one of its many trails.

Overall, Braddock Heights offers visitors a variety of attractions including historic sites, museums, outdoor activities and businesses that cater to tourists from all over the world looking for an enjoyable getaway experience in Maryland’s beautiful countryside!

Schools and Education in Braddock Heights, Maryland

According to anycountyprivateschools, the town of Braddock Heights, Maryland is home to a number of educational institutions that serve the local population. The Frederick County Public Schools system serves the majority of students in the area, with a few private schools also available.

The Frederick County Public School System consists of 10 elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools which serve students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The elementary schools provide a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on core subjects like math and language arts as well as enrichment activities such as art and music. The middle schools offer a more rigorous curriculum with additional classes in science, social studies, and foreign language. At the high school level, students can take advanced classes such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses or International Baccalaureate (IB) programs if they choose to do so. Check for Maryland schools codes.

In addition to the public school system, there are several private institutions in Braddock Heights that specialize in religious or other special education needs. These include St. Mary’s Catholic School which offers pre-kindergarten through 8th grade education for Catholic families; John Calvin Presbyterian School which provides preschool through 8th grade education for those interested in Christian values; and Valley Christian Academy which provides pre-kindergarten through 12th grade education for families interested in an independent Christian education program.

The town also offers several post-secondary educational options such as Hood College located nearby in Frederick and Shepherd University located about 40 miles away near Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Both colleges provide undergraduate degrees as well as graduate programs for those looking to further their education beyond high school level studies.

Overall, Braddock Heights is home to an excellent variety of educational options that range from preschool all the way up to post-secondary degrees that can help students pursue their dreams!

Places of Interest in Braddock Heights, Maryland

Braddock Heights, Maryland is a small town located in Frederick County, Maryland. It is a great place to live for people of all ages due to its numerous attractions and amenities. From outdoor activities to cultural pursuits, there is something for everyone in Braddock Heights.

Outdoor enthusiasts will love the many hiking trails and parks in the area. Hiking at Catoctin Mountain Park provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, while Cunningham Falls State Park offers plenty of opportunities for swimming and fishing. The area also includes several golf courses, including Whiskey Creek Golf Course which features an 18-hole championship course as well as a driving range and practice green.

For those looking for an educational experience, Braddock Heights has several museums and galleries to explore. The National Museum of Civil War Medicine showcases artifacts from the American Civil War era while the nearby Monocacy National Battlefield offers insight into the history of this region during this time period. The Washington County Historical Society Museum houses a variety of artifacts from local history and culture while the Maryland Ensemble Theatre provides live performances throughout the year.

The town also has several restaurants that provide a variety of cuisines ranging from Italian to Mexican to Asian fusion. For those looking to get some shopping done, there are several stores offering clothing, home goods, toys, books, and more. There are also several salons offering services such as hair styling and nail care as well as spas providing massage therapy and other treatments.

Finally, Braddock Heights hosts several events throughout the year including festivals like Summerfest which features live music performances by local bands; art shows showcasing works by regional artists; farmers markets with fresh produce; holiday parades; car shows; and more! These events bring together members of the community in a fun atmosphere that celebrates local diversity and culture.

Overall, Braddock Heights is an ideal place to visit or live due its numerous attractions that cater to people of all ages! Whether it’s outdoor activities or cultural pursuits you’re after, this small town has something for everyone!