Boulder, Montana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

West of Boulder lies the small town of Whitehall, home to around 1,000 people. Founded in 1867, the city is known for its historic downtown area and its small-town charm. It’s a popular destination for visitors who want to experience the Old West feel of Montana. Just south of Whitehall is Cardwell, a tiny community with a population of just over 500. Cardwell is well-known for its excellent hunting and fishing opportunities, as well as its proximity to several nearby ski resorts. To the east is Butte, Montana’s fifth largest city with a population of nearly 34,000. Butte was once known as “The Richest Hill on Earth,” and it has a long history connected to copper mining and other industries. Today, it’s an important cultural center in the region with several museums and galleries dedicated to preserving local history and culture. Finally, just north of Boulder lies Helena, Montana’s capital city with a population of about 30,000 people. Helena has been at the center of much political activity throughout its history; it was where Montana officially became a state in 1889. The city also boasts an impressive collection of Victorian architecture from its days as one of America’s most prosperous cities during the late 19th century gold rush era.

Boulder, Montana

Population of Boulder, Montana

Boulder, Montana is a small rural town located in the southwestern part of the state with a population of around 1,200 people. It’s one of the few towns in the area that has retained its small-town charm and character. The majority of Boulder’s population is comprised of families who have lived in the area for generations, with many of them tracing their roots back to the early settlers who first arrived here over 150 years ago. The town also has a large Hispanic population, making up about 20% of its total population.

The median age in Boulder is 38 years old, which is slightly higher than Montana’s average age. About 30% of the population is under 18 years old, while 18% are over 65 years old. The town has a higher than average number of female residents as well; women make up 52% of Boulder’s total population.

Boulder has an unemployment rate that is lower than both the state and national averages. In 2019, it was estimated at 3%, compared to 4% for Montana and 3.7% for the United States overall. The median household income in Boulder is just slightly below the state average at around $44,000 per year.

Overall, Boulder has a diverse population that reflects its long history as an important agricultural center in southwestern Montana and its continued commitment to preserving its small-town charm and values throughout modern times.

Schools and Education in Boulder, Montana

According to anycountyprivateschools, Boulder, Montana is home to one public school district, known as the Boulder School District. It consists of three schools: Boulder Elementary School, Boulder Middle School, and Boulder High School. The school district also serves students from the nearby town of Whitehall and has a total enrollment of around 600 students.

The school district is dedicated to providing a quality education for all its students and offers a variety of educational programs and services. These include special education classes, advanced placement courses, and several extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs. The district also provides access to technology in the classroom with computers and tablets available for student use. Check for Montana schools codes.

The school district is committed to helping each student reach their fullest potential by providing them with the necessary resources to succeed in their studies. This includes access to experienced teachers who are knowledgeable about the subjects they teach, as well as guidance counselors who can provide support for any student who may be having difficulty in their studies or personal life.

Boulder also has two private schools that serve the community; these include the Immaculate Conception Catholic School and St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy. Both schools offer high-quality education in a faith-based environment, with classes taught from a Christian perspective that emphasizes academic excellence along with moral values such as respect and responsibility.

Overall, Boulder provides its students with access to quality educational opportunities that can help them reach their goals both academically and personally. With its diverse population, excellent teachers, and strong commitment to providing a well-rounded education for all its students, Boulder is an ideal place for families looking for an enriching learning environment for their children.

Places of Interest in Boulder, Montana

Boulder, Montana is home to a variety of places of interest that are sure to please all visitors. One popular destination is the Boulder Hot Springs, which is an outdoor pool fed by natural hot springs. Here, visitors can relax and soak in the warm waters while enjoying the picturesque mountain views.

The town also has several historical sites including the old mining town of Elkhorn and the site of a former army fort. For those interested in exploring nature, there are several hiking trails around town that offer breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Additionally, visitors can take a tour of Boulder’s historic downtown area to learn more about its past and experience its unique architecture.

Boulder is also home to a number of cultural attractions such as art galleries and museums. The Boulder Art Gallery showcases works from local artists as well as national and international ones. The Museum of Natural History offers educational programs and interactive exhibits showcasing the area’s natural history and culture.

For those looking to enjoy some outdoor recreation, there are plenty of options available in Boulder such as fishing, camping, biking, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing and more. Visitors can also take advantage of nearby golf courses or explore one of the many parks located around town for picnics or leisurely strolls.

Overall, Boulder has something for everyone with its diverse range of attractions and activities that offer something for everyone regardless age or interests. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, you’ll find plenty to do in this beautiful town nestled in Montana’s Rocky Mountains!