Bodrum – a Tourist Magnet

If you are one of those who are excited about the jet-set favorite Bodrum, then you should know that this is the place for the a little more upscale and those who appreciate that little extra. Bodrum is the destination for those who want all-inclusive and live life in the more elegant direction. However, you can find all kinds of people on Bodrum and whether this perception is 100% consistent, depends on where on the peninsula you go. But one thing is clear – you come to Bodrum to relax and enjoy the sun.

According to, you can go to Bodrum with different charter companies. So far, there are no direct scheduled flights going here, but a chartered plane goes here non-stop in 4 hours. On the other hand, there are regular flights to Istanbul and from there you can fly directly to Bodrum Airport Milas. The best time is between May-June or September-October and keep in mind that it gets very crowded in July-August. Even early spring and late autumn can mean a pleasant stay, but it will be much cooler then.

Bodrum – the celebrities’ holiday destination

It is not only famous Turkish actors and artists who hang out in Bodrum during the summers. American stars such as Tom Hanks, Uma Thurman and Michael Douglas have also been seen here and the luxury yachts in the ports are many. Our Swedish stylist Camilla Thulin and her husband Johan Rabaeus also have their holiday home here.

What does Bodrum have to offer?

Everyone has different tastes and needs, but in Bodrum there is certainly always something to grab. If you go here, it is undeniably sun and swimming that are in demand and this charming peninsula has plenty of it. Bodrum can also offer visitors a cultural-historical castle from the 16th century and several other traces that date back to the ancient era. Here you can feel the wings of history and discover the remains of both Romans, Byzantines, Persians and Greeks.

If you just want to soak in the atmosphere, you can walk along the cozy pedestrian street or take the promenade day and night to visit the many bars and restaurants that entertain visitors. The “Halikarnas” nightclub is one of Turkey’s most famous nightclubs.

Nearby is also a national park and many other genuine coastal towns to keep an eye on.

If you want to discover Bodrum and its surroundings from the sea, you should rent a boat or join a guided tour that can take you around and also take you to the Greek islands nearby – Kos, Rhodes or the Turkish Marmaris. If you have children, you can take them to the fun Aqua Park, which is Turkey’s largest. Here there are slides and adventures in quantities that the children and you yourself will not leave in the first place. And when you are in the shopping mood, several original markets await around the corner that specialize in rugs, crafts and jewelry.

Just pick and choose between the activities and attractions that you can discover in and around Bodrum.

Get around

Bodrum has many small towns that are worth seeing and if you want to get around you can either rent a car or take the minibuses (also called dolmus) that take you around. They are very cheap and cost about 20 Swedish kronor. You can also choose the many boats that transport people to different places. If you want to stay in Bodrum, the easiest way is to just use your legs and get around on foot.

Bodrum - a tourist magnet