Biggest Tsunamis in the World

List of the top-5 of the biggest tsunamis in the world or the highest Tsunamis in the world.

List of the World’s Biggest Tsunamis

The largest tsunamis in the world present in this list are measured taking into account their maximum height and being a phenomenon difficult to measure, all values ​​presented are estimates as close as possible to reality. The largest tsunamis or highest tsunamis in the world are called mega-tsunamis. The biggest tsunami or the highest tsunami happened in Alaska, in Lituya Bay, with a height of more than 500 meters. With half of the highest tsunami in the world , it was the 2nd one that occurred in Spirit Lake, also in the United States of America. The eruption of two volcanoes led to mega-tsunamis in Southeast Asia and Europe, a landslide caused one of the greatest catastrophes in memory, flooding several localities, after a dam failed to contain the fury of the waters. The numbers and these events are the most recent and the ones that have the most reliable numbers, not counting for this purpose, other phenomena of the kind.

Top 5 of the World’s Biggest Tsunamis

5th Krakatoa

In 1883, the eruption of Krakatoa created a 42-meter-tall mega-tsunami near Sumatra and Java, Indonesia.


4th Mount Unzen

In 1972, the eruption of Mount Unzen caused a landslide that caused a mega-tsunami 100 meters high.

3rd Vajont Dam

A landslide over a dam caused the dam to fail to withstand the water level and this caused a 250-meter high tsunami that devastated several Italian towns around it.

2nd Spirit Lake

In Washington State, the eruption of Mount Saint Helen caused a mega-tsunami in Spirit Lake that reached a height of 260 meters.

1st Lithuania Bay

The largest tsunami in the world or the highest tsunami in the world occurred in Alaska, in Lituya Bay, with waves that reached 520 meters in altitude.

List of the 5 Biggest Tsunamis in the World

Position Place Parents Height (in meters)
1 Lithuania Bay USA 520
2 Spirit Lake USA 260
3 Vajont Dam Italy 250
4 Mount Unzen Japan 100
5 Krakatoa Indonesia 42