Best Time to Travel to Egypt

When is the best time to travel to Egypt?

The best travel time for Egypt for the whole country is from mid-March to mid-May and from mid-September to mid-November. The very hot and dry summer months as well as the somewhat cooler winter months, in which lower temperatures are apparent, especially at night, are excluded here. Depending on the region – whether on the Mediterranean coast, the Red Sea, in the Nile Valley or in the Arabian Desert – there are small differences. That’s why I’m giving you a brief overview of the best travel time for Egypt’s most important tourist spots. Below is detailed information about the weather in Egypt. For each climate zone I’ll show you what the average climate and weather conditions are. As a result, I explain to you why the respective travel time is considered the best for a vacation in Egypt.

Best travel time to Egypt
Cairo April to May & September to November
Alexandria April to November
Luxor March to May & October to November
Hurghada April to November
El Gouna April to June & September to November

How is the climate in Egypt?

The climate in Egypt is subtropical, warm and dry. Due to the location within the North African dry belt, most parts of Egypt have a desert climate. Only in the coastal regions on the Mediterranean is the climate Mediterranean. Here there is occasional rainfall in winter. On the coast of the Red Sea, as in the interior, there is a subtropical desert climate. However, the sea breeze brings a fresh wind, which makes the warm temperatures more bearable than in the desert regions. There is very little to no rainfall here. The daytime temperatures in July are 31 degrees Celsius in northern Port Said, 34 degrees Celsius in the capital Cairo, 36 degrees Celsius in the tourist center on the Red Sea, Hurghada and 41 degrees Celsius in Aswan in southeast Egypt. In the spring from March to June a hot sand and dust wind, the Chamsin, blows through the country from the south.

In the winter months from November to February, daytime temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius. The nights can get cooler at around ten degrees Celsius, but are still mild overall. Especially in the coastal regions of Egypt, the climate is mild and bearable all year round. On the Mediterranean coast, there may even be a few rainy days in December, January and February. In the desert areas, however, the probability of rain is almost zero. The climatic values ​​for Aswan and Luxor, east of the Nile, show a maximum of two rainy days per year. On some days in summer, this leads to heat waves with temperatures above 45 degrees.

Find out below when the best travel time for your Egypt vacation is! Depending on what you have in mind on your trip and where you are staying, other months are considered the best time to travel to Egypt. That’s why I’m giving you an overview of all tourist-relevant places and show you when a trip makes the most sense.

Climate table for Egypt (Cairo)

Jan Feb March Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temperature in ° C 19 21 23 28 32 34 34 34 33 30 25 20
Min. Temperature in ° C 9 10 12 15 18 20 22 22 20 18 14 10
Hours of sunshine per day 7 8 9 9 10 12 11 11 9 9 8 6
Water temperature in ° C 15 15 18 21 24 26 27 27 28 24 21 17
Rainy days per month 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1

My conclusion on the best travel time for Egypt

Egypt can be visited all year round. If you want to spend a nice summer vacation with guaranteed sun in Egypt, the warmer spring, summer and autumn months are better than winter. However, even in the Egyptian winter you can expect a warmer climate than in this country. Therefore, Egypt is an attractive travel destination even in winter. The months from mid-March to mid-May are considered the best time to travel to Egypt and from mid-September to mid-November. If you can defy the hot and dry temperatures in summer, these are also perfect for a beach holiday on the coasts. For a desert tour, however, I advise against the summer months, as temperatures can rise to 50 degrees Celsius and there is no chance of cool rain. Find out more about Egypt in my travel magazine articles! There I’ll give you great tips for your travels. On my blog you will of course also find the best offers for your Egypt vacation.

Best Time to Travel to Egypt