Best Farm Hotels for Kids in Brazil

Are you traveling with the whole family on Children’s Day and still don’t know what to do to keep the kids entertained on holiday? We put together the best farm hotels in Brazil for you and your family to have fun! 

The important thing in a trip is always to plan ahead and it doesn’t change when it comes to traveling with the kids. Care is required when packing, choosing the destination and the activities that will be done at the destination.

Best Farm Hotels for Kids in Brazil

Some research indicates that children tend to love places with water, animals and activities that they can get dirty and put their hands on. Thinking about it, there is nothing better than a ranch hotel, right?

We have made this list of the best farm hotels that have all these activities and more. Come check it out!

Areia Santa Farm Hotel (SP)

Hotel Fazenda Areia que Canta is located in the city of Brotas, inland of São Paulo. There, children have access to activities related to ecotourism, Zen space, rest in the woods and even horseback riding, cooking classes outdoor games and swimming pools.

The place is very quiet and the apartments are far from each other, so that the area is more reserved and quiet.

Fazzenda Park Hotel (SC)

The Fazzenda Park Hotel (with two z’s) is located in the city of Gaspar, in the interior of Santa Catarina. In the all inclusive model , the ranch hotel has trails, horseback riding and biking, swimming pools and waterslides, saunas, volleyball courts, tennis and soccer field.

There are 2 million m² of green area and 249 apartments with 5 meals a day. It is the ideal place to bring the children as it has recreation every day and monitors available to the children.

Seriema Corner (MG)

Eco Resort Canto da Siriema is located in Jaboticatubas, 60 km from Belo Horizonte. Before leaving for fun, the kids can try the milk at the foot of the cow.

After being fed a typical Minas Gerais breakfast, they can go hiking and eco-walking, fishing and pedaling in the lagoon.

Villa di Mantova (SP)

Villa di Mantova is located in the city of Águas de Lindóia, in São Paulo. For the kids to get excited and spend a lot of energy, the ranch hotel has survival games and extreme activities.

In addition, for those who want to calm down, the hotel offers yoga classes, therapies and full breakfast served until noon. One nice thing about the hotel is that he has a mascot, Nino. Nino is a lion who plays with children.

Ribeirão Farm (RJ)

Ribeirão Farm is located in Barra do Piraí, also in São Paulo. With pools and waterfall, outdoor activities are not lacking.

The farm hotel has 54 apartments and a large green area. Children can bathe in the waterfall, milk cows and feed the property’s pets.