Best Beaches in Bodrum

The idyllic Turkish seaside resort of Bodrum is not only famous for its exclusive bars and restaurants or its chic clientele. You go to Bodrum mainly for sunbathing and swimming and island hopping back and forth across the Turkish and Greek borders. Here you can just as easily go out on one of the Greek islands as to soak up the sun on the beach and it is precisely the beaches that you can read more about in this article. Most beaches located right by the town of Bodrum are not particularly popular as they are filled with rock. No, instead you have to go west or east one or more kilometers to get to paradise. However, there is a small beach right next to the disco Halikarnas but it is mostly there to take a dip in passing.

Here are some names of Bodrum’s nearby golden sandy beaches that do not go off for picks.

Camel Beach

According to, Camel Beach is one of Bodrum’s most popular beaches and it’s easy to understand why. Here, just as the name implies, you can ride camels at sunset or on the morning twig. The beach with the off-white sand and the turquoise sea is about 1 km away from the center and you can either come here by boat or take a dolmus, ie a minibus. The first thing you meet when you end up here is a dozen camels lying and waiting for riding-hungry tourists and the other half of the beach is covered with sun loungers and parasols that can be rented for SEK 25 each. It also smells of food and freshly baked cakes and bread when you lie here, as several restaurants and bakeries have opened their businesses just above the beach. Try the Turkish gözleme pancakes with spinach and feta cheese, and the day could not be better!

The beach at the village of Bitez – Bitez Beach

About 7 km from the town of Bodrum is a small village called Bitez. Below that village is a wonderful beach that has also opted for a typical Turkish specialty, called turkish delight – a sweet candy that makes it water in your mouth just thinking about it. The sand here is brownish and what people do most is water sports of various kinds. But if you just want to lie down and laze in a deck chair and at the same time taste the Turkish goodies, it works at least as well.


For the past 20 years, this small fishing village has developed into a popular and wonderful holiday resort that offers both history and sunbathing. The village is mainly known for its sweet windmills that are reminiscent of times gone by. Gümbet is located in a small bay and its beaches provide tourists with a wide range of both water sports and activities. Why not try water skiing, snowmobiling, banana boating or scuba diving to explore all the animals and plants of the sea? The beach is also particularly suitable for families with children as the water is calm and the beach is shallow. When the sun goes down, the day is not over yet. The beach is lit by candles and lanterns and the scent of Turkish cuisine mixed with international influences makes tourists end the evening here at one of the restaurants before going to bed.

Best beaches in Bodrum