Before the Trip to Turkey

Is Turkey next in line as the next destination? Then you are not alone, because most Swedes love the turquoise blue beaches with chalk-white sand that spreads out. Despite the fact that there has been a lot of talk lately about Turkey and its political situation, the country continues to attract tourists and many have also bought holiday homes here. Bodrum, Antalya and Alanya act as the main tourist destinations, but Turkey also consists of a charming countryside and cultural cities where diversity is reminded every day.

The Turkish climate

According to, Turkey has a very hot and sunny climate in the summer but it can actually get really cold in the winters depending on where you are. Istanbul during the spring and winter can be almost as cold as northern Central Europe and sometimes it snows here as well. However, Turkey’s south coast offers Mediterranean warmth and sunny days that make any sun worshiper buy a plane ticket. If you want to experience all four seasons in Turkey, you can do so without any problems.

The Turkish currency

The official Turkish currency is the Turkish lira, but everywhere you can pay with the Euro, which the Turks actually almost prefer as the payment currency.

Electricity system in Turkey

Turkey has the same electrical system as in Sweden so you do not need an adapter with you.

Language and religion

Turkish is the language spoken and in the larger cities and tourist resorts a little English is often spoken. ATMs also have instructions in English. Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country but quite liberal, which means that many women do not wear the veil and people behave much like in Europe.


In general, security is quite good in Turkey, but there have been several terrorist attacks and quarrels between the PKK and the Turkish military. Avoid certain places when it is dark and in markets there can be a lot of pickpockets. Keep your wallet in a safe place.


You should think about asking for permission before taking photos in public places or people you do not know. Military areas or buildings are strictly forbidden to take pictures and you probably do not want to get stuck in Turkey.

Pharmacy and healthcare

If you become ill in Turkey, you need a travel insurance that you buy before departure. Should you need to buy medicine or take a syringe, you can do so at pharmacies that are everywhere. It is not expensive to buy medicines in Turkey and most over-the-counter medicines can also be found here. Pharmacy is called nohetci ezcane.


No vaccination is needed if you are going to the larger cities, but if you are going to the countryside, vaccination against hepatitis A and B may be suitable as well as against tuberculosis.


You should not drink the tap water or accept ice in the drinks. Buy bottled water or boil it first before drinking. The bacterial flora in Turkey is not the same as in Sweden either, so remember to wash your hands properly.

Car rental

It is important to adapt your driving style to the country’s inhabitants, as the traffic rules are applied a bit anyway. Preferably choose a recognized car rental company and keep in mind that the low beam should be on during the day as well, ie as in Sweden. 2 major roads are tolled and the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul also requires you to pay a penny to get over. It is possible to pay with cash.

  • A tip in Turkey is to always bargain, especially in markets.

Before the trip to Turkey