Bahamas Labor Market

Unemployment in the Bahamas is high. It was around 7-10 percent at the beginning of the 2000s but rose in connection with the international financial crisis and has remained double-digit.

Unemployment among young people is twice as high.

Those who have jobs are mainly employed in the service profession. A great deal of people work directly or indirectly in tourism, which is the most important economic sector. Only around 15 percent work in industry and some percent in agriculture and fishing.

The right to organize trade unions is enshrined in the constitution, but the country’s unions may not always operate without restrictions. Both public and private employers violate the employees’ right to organize and negotiate collectively.

Different rules make it difficult for foreigners to obtain work permits in the country. There are reports that undocumented immigrants, most Haitians, are subject to forced labor, especially in the work of private homes and agriculture.

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Bahamas Population



11.5 percent (2019)

Youth Unemployment

24.6 percent (2019)

Bahamas Labor Market