Asher, Oklahoma Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Asher, Oklahoma is a small town located in Pottawatomie County in the central part of the state. It’s bordered by several other towns and cities including Shawnee, Tecumseh, McLoud and Seminole. Each of these neighboring towns and cities offer their own unique attractions and activities to explore.

Shawnee is a larger city located just south of Asher. It’s home to several attractions such as the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art which features a variety of artwork from around the world as well as exhibits on local history. The nearby Shawnee Mall offers plenty of shopping opportunities while the Firelake Grand Casino provides gaming entertainment for visitors.

Tecumseh is another nearby town that’s home to a variety of attractions such as the Tecumseh Historical Museum which documents local history through artifacts and photographs. Additionally, visitors can explore the nearby nature trails or take part in some outdoor activities like fishing or boating at Lake Thunderbird.

McLoud is a small town located just north of Asher that offers its own unique attractions such as the McLoud Historical Museum which houses artifacts from the area’s past and offers tours throughout the year. There are also several parks around town with playgrounds, picnic areas and walking/biking trails perfect for outdoor fun!

Finally, Seminole is another small city located east of Asher that has plenty to offer visitors including museums like The Pioneer Woman Museum which showcases artifacts from early settlers in Oklahoma as well as interactive exhibits about local history. Additionally, there are several parks around Seminole where visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like fishing or hiking on nature trails.

Overall, Asher is surrounded by several other towns and cities that offer their own unique attractions for visitors looking to explore!

Asher, Oklahoma

Population of Asher, Oklahoma

Asher, Oklahoma is a small town located in Pottawatomie County in the central part of the state. According to the 2010 census, the population of Asher was 1,076 people. The majority of this population is made up of white individuals at 85.3%, followed by Native Americans at 8.9%, African Americans at 3.2%, and other races making up 2.6%.

The median age in Asher is 37 years old with 46% of the population being male and 54% being female. The median household income for this area is $38,750 with 24% living below the poverty line. In terms of education, 89.5% have completed high school or higher and 18% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Most residents in Asher are employed in sales and office occupations representing 24% of the workforce followed by service occupations at 18%, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting occupations at 14%, construction and extraction occupations at 13%, production occupations at 12%, management occupations at 9%, transportation occupations at 8%, installation maintenance and repair occupations also accounting for 8%.

Overall, Asher has a diverse population with different demographic backgrounds that contribute to its unique culture!

Schools and Education in Asher, Oklahoma

According to anycountyprivateschools, Asher, Oklahoma is home to several schools and educational opportunities for its residents. The Asher Public School District operates one elementary school (K-6), one middle school (7-8), and one high school (9-12). The district also provides special education services for students with disabilities and offers a variety of extracurricular activities including band, choir, athletics, and more.

In terms of higher education, Asher is home to a branch of Seminole State College which offers Associate’s degrees in several fields including Liberal Arts, Nursing, Business Administration and more. Additionally, the college runs several programs for adult learners such as GED preparation classes and English as a Second Language courses. Check for Oklahoma schools codes.

The town is also home to the Asher Public Library which provides access to books, magazines, movies and other resources. The library has an extensive selection of materials in both English and Spanish as well as computers with internet access available for public use.

Overall, Asher provides numerous educational opportunities for its residents from elementary school through higher education!

Places of Interest in Asher, Oklahoma

Asher, Oklahoma is a small town with plenty of attractions for visitors and residents alike. One of the most well-known sites in the area is the Asher City Park which features walking trails, a playground, picnic tables, and plenty of open space for outdoor activities. The park also includes a pond where visitors can fish and enjoy the scenery.

The town also boasts several museums such as the Asher Historical Museum which displays artifacts from local history including Native American tools, early pioneer artifacts and more. The museum also offers educational programs for children and adults alike.

In addition to its cultural attractions, Asher has a variety of natural sites to explore as well including several hiking trails in the nearby hills that offer stunning views of the area’s landscape. Visitors can also take advantage of nature walks around Lake Asher or bike rides along its scenic shoreline.

Overall, Asher provides plenty of places to explore and enjoy whether you are looking for history, culture or outdoor recreation!