Arendtsville, Pennsylvania Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Arendtsville, Pennsylvania is located in the rolling hills of Adams County and is bordered by several unique cities and towns. To the north is Gettysburg, a historic city filled with many Civil War battlefields, monuments and museums that commemorate this important event in American history.

To the east is East Berlin, a small town known for its quaint downtown district which features unique shops and restaurants. Just south of East Berlin lies New Oxford, a charming small town with plenty of historic buildings and landmarks such as the New Oxford Historic District.

To the west lies Fairfield, a rural town with plenty of farmland and orchards surrounding it. The area also offers several recreational activities such as fishing and hunting in nearby State Game Lands No. 58.

In addition to these bordering cities and towns, Arendtsville also has close proximity to other major cities such as Harrisburg (the state capital) which is only about 30 miles away from Arendtsville. Additionally, Baltimore, Maryland is just over an hour away from Arendtsville for those looking for a day trip to explore another city.

Overall, Arendtsville Pennsylvania has much to offer both locals and visitors alike with its close proximity to some of the most interesting cities and towns in the area – all within easy reach! From Gettysburg’s historical significance to Fairfield’s rural charm there’s something for everyone here in this charming little town!

Arendtsville, Pennsylvania

Population of Arendtsville, Pennsylvania

Arendtsville, Pennsylvania is an unincorporated community located in Adams County. As of the 2010 census, Arendtsville had a population of 819, with a population density of about 7.4 people per square mile. The racial makeup of the town was 97.3% White, 0.7% African American, 0.2% Native American and 1.8% other races.

Arendtsville is largely composed of families and individuals who have lived in the area for generations. Over the years, many different cultures and backgrounds have come together to make up this small community – from those with German heritage to those with Irish and British roots – all living together in harmony and celebrating their diverse cultures through festivals and events throughout the year.

In addition to its diverse population, Arendtsville also boasts a relatively young population with an average age of 37 years old as compared to the national average age of 38 years old; this is likely due to the town’s close proximity to Gettysburg College which attracts many young adults from around the country each year who are looking for a college experience close to home but still within an hour’s drive from major cities such as Baltimore and Harrisburg.

Overall, Arendtsville is a vibrant community filled with people who have chosen to make it their home over the generations while still embracing its diversity through culture, heritage and tradition – all while providing a safe environment for both families and individuals alike!

Schools and Education in Arendtsville, Pennsylvania

According to anycountyprivateschools, Arendtsville, Pennsylvania is part of the Upper Adams School District which serves the surrounding towns and villages. The district comprises three schools – Arendtsville Elementary School, Upper Adams Middle School and Bermudian Springs High School – all of which are located within a few miles of each other.

At Arendtsville Elementary, students in grades K-4 have access to a variety of core curriculum classes such as math, science, language arts and social studies. The school also offers a range of specialized programs including art and music classes as well as physical education and health classes. The school also provides after-school programs to engage students in activities that promote learning while having fun.

Upper Adams Middle School serves students in grades 5-8 with similar core curriculum courses as well as specialized electives such as Spanish, technology and music courses. The school also offers several extracurricular activities including athletics teams for both boys and girls along with clubs for student interests ranging from chess to gardening to robotics. Check for Pennsylvania schools codes.

The district’s high school is Bermudian Springs High School which provides instruction for grades 9-12 in an array of traditional courses such as math, science, English and history along with more advanced courses like AP classes and college prep programs. In addition to its academic offerings, the high school has a wide range of extra curricular activities including sports teams for both boys and girls along with clubs that focus on everything from community service projects to robotics competitions.

Overall, Arendtsville’s schools provide students with an excellent education paired with engaging extracurricular activities that foster learning while having fun!

Places of Interest in Arendtsville, Pennsylvania

Arendtsville, Pennsylvania is a vibrant community that offers a host of places of interest for both locals and visitors alike. One of the most popular attractions is the Arendtsville Historical Society Museum which houses artifacts from the town’s past including vintage photos, furniture, tools and documents. There is also a gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs such as postcards, books and locally made crafts.

The town is also home to several parks that offer outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking, biking and fishing. The Arendtsville Community Park has playground equipment for children as well as picnic areas and pavilions for family gatherings. The park also provides access to the Conewago Creek which offers fishing opportunities for anglers of all ages.

Arendtsville’s other popular attractions include Big Springs Golf Course which offers an 18-hole course with a driving range and practice area as well as a pro shop and snack bar. The town also has several wineries including Adams County Winery which offers wine tastings along with tours of its production facility.

Finally, Arendtsville hosts several annual events throughout the year including an apple festival in September which features fresh produce from local farms along with live music and entertainment. There is also an autumn festival held in October that features a parade, craft vendors and activities for children such as pumpkin painting and hay rides.

Overall, Arendtsville provides many attractions for visitors to enjoy while exploring this charming small town!