5 Must When you are in Bodrum

If you have decided to take part in Turkey’s St. Tropez, you certainly want to explore what it is like to be in this heavenly place. Bodrum has many attractions and must-haves for tourists who should check off before heading home again. Bring out the notepad and take note of these little tips before departure. Here are 5 must-sees for everyone who has gone to Bodrum on holiday.

Wander around the islands

Bodrum has often been called the city of boats, but whether it is the island of Bodrum you want to explore or whether you have booked a hotel in the city of Bodrum, it is an excellent way to experience the island’s richness and its surroundings at sea. In most ports there are small boats that you can book to accompany on a guided tour around the archipelago and see caves and sea turtles. If it is a party you are looking for, you can go away with a party boat that acts as a disco out at sea.

From many ports you can also look over to some of the Greek islands and even take the boat there. If you think Bodrum is beautiful from land, you should also see its beauty from the sea. You can choose between a short trip or a whole day trip that goes for about 50 euros round trip. Do not forget the passport as Bodrum is on the border with Greece.

Diving and snorkeling

In a water as clear as that in Bodrum, it is really a shame not to explore underwater life as well. On several beaches you can rent snorkeling equipment or go on a boat trip with several enthusiasts. Choose between snorkeling at the sea surface or going deep into real diving equipment to see what is hiding on the bottom. Anemones, starfish and seahorses as well as a lot of unusual fish can be encountered if you are lucky.

Swim in Cleopatra’s pool in Pamukkale

According to Timedictionary.com, Pamukkale is a nature reserve and Turkey’s most famous. This is probably because Cleopatra is said to have taken more than one bath here in the beautiful pools that are formed between the limestones. The pool is said to have positive health effects. Admittedly, this nature reserve is 300 km from Bodrum so you should plan a full day and go early in the morning, but when you come back you will definitely be happy that you went here.

Go to typical Turkish market

In most cities and stops when making an excursion, there is usually at least one market where you can botanize among all sorts of things. Clothes, jewelry, fabrics, rugs and spices are common in Turkey and you do not come from here empty-handed. The local market in Bodrum has low prices even though Bodrum is considered an expensive city. Remember to bargain and keep an eye on your wallet. Note that many copies are also sold here.

Take the ferry to Knidos

This ancient ancient Greek island, once said, once belonged to Aphrodite – the goddess of love according to the Greek faith. Here you can still discover several statues of her and learn a little history at the same time. Knidos is located 100 km west of Bodrum and is considered a place of worship. There are also a number of ruins interspersed with the cute white sugar cube houses some distance away. The location at Knidos is at least as beautiful as the history, so be sure to bring both swimwear and a well-functioning camera.

5 must when you are in Bodrum