10 Largest Cities in South America

In fantastic South America, there are a large number of countries and most of these have really big cities where the country’s inhabitants gather. But which cities are really the ten largest on the South American continent. For example, are you aware that half of the ten largest cities in South America are located in Brazil, the largest country in South America according to countryaah? It’s time to look at the cities and some interesting facts about them. Join us on our journey through South America when we discover which cities have the highest number of inhabitants. The calculation of urban residents was done in 2015.

No.10: Fortaleza

At number ten over the continent’s largest cities is a slightly more unknown city, namely Fortaleza in Brazil. There are 2,591,188 million people living here. The name of the town means “fortress” and the town is named after a large Dutch fort. Fortaleza is located in northeastern Brazil on the Atlantic coast and only four degrees south of the equator, which means that the weather is good all year round. Fortaleza has nice beaches and here the big city life mixes with a relaxed lifestyle for tourists.


No.9: Brasilia

It is Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, that gets the honored ninth place on our list of the ten largest cities in South America. In Brasilia, there are 2,914,087 million inhabitants and the city is an important administrative center in the country. Brasilia has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Here there is much to visit and the country has lots of modern buildings. The city is located in the middle of Greater Brazil and was founded as late as 1950 with the aim of becoming the country’s new capital.


No.8: Salvador

In eighth place we find another city in Brazil. Now, no less than Salvador is on the list with its 2,921,087 million people. Salvador is located on a small peninsula on the Atlantic coast and has an important port. It has lived here since 1549 when the city was founded and Salvador remained until the capital of Brazil in the middle of the 18th century. For tourists, Salvador has wonderful carnivals, 350 churches, Brazil’s first cathedral and a wonderful weather. However, there are also widespread slums with a low standard of living for its inhabitants.


No.7: Buenos Aires

South America’s seventh largest city is no less than Buenos Aires, located in beautiful Argentina. There are 2,054,267 million people living in the city, which since 1880 is Argentina’s capital. Buenos Aires is located on the country’s eastern coast of the Atlantic. It was founded in 1536 by Spanish colonizers.

Buenos Aires

The city is the economic heart of the country and also important for industry and commerce. Here is a large port and a large part of the population has emigrated from Spain and Italy. Buenos Aires is a real cultural city with a really large amount of theater scenes, museums and cinemas, so perfect for you who are a cultural tourist.

No.6: Caracas

In sixth place is a city in Venezuela, namely Caracas. This is the capital of the country and here lives 3 289 886 million inhabitants. Caracas is located along the river bank on the Guaire River in the northern parts of the country. Trapped in a valley, the city is only ten kilometers from the Caribbean Sea. With a height of 1,000 meters and the equator, Caracas has a pleasant climate all year round.


Caracas is a modern city and an important center of the country. However, there are also large slums and the city has been hit by the country’s economic crises lately.

No.5: Santiago

Chile’s capital Santiago, whose official name is Santiago de Chile, is the fifth largest city in South America. Here, 5 507 282 million people are removed and the city is considered to be a real world city. Here, the inhabitants have a high standard of living and the city is nestled between beautiful snow-covered mountains in the Andes mountain range. Santiago is located far down in South America and here the eternal spring weather prevails, albeit slightly warmer during the dry summers, which are the same months as the Swedish winter.


No.4: Rio de Janeiro

Rio Janeiro occupies fifth place on our list of largest cities in South America. 6 476 631 million people live here. However, over 12 million people live in the entire metropolitan area of ​​the city. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most well-known cities in the country, thanks in large part to its great carnival held every year.

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is found on the country’s southeastern coast and here is the world famous statue Cristo Redentor that looks out over the city. Rio de Janeiro is wrapped in a dense, tropical rainforest and contributes to a wonderful feeling in the city. Did you know that the city’s name in Swedish means January river?

No.3: Bogotá

In the third place on the list we find Bogotá, located in the middle of Colombia. This is the country’s capital and has a population of 7 862 277 million. The city is beautifully situated with high mountain peaks that surround it. Bogotá is a city built on a plateau in the middle of the Andes.


Bogotá is a popular tourist destination and the most common starting point for anyone who wants to discover the country. There are some gang towns with gang crime here, but Bogotá is still considered a safe city to visit. The city was founded in 1538 and its original name was Santa Fe de Bogotá.

No.2: Lima

South America’s second largest city is located in Peru and is called Lima. The entire city is 8,894,412 million removed and the city is densely populated. Lima is the country’s capital and thus an important political and economic center.


Lima is located on the Pacific coast, wedged in a valley between three large rivers that flow through the country. Lima has been an important city ever since Spanish colonizers came here. Here is one of the oldest institutions of education in the new world. Lima is home to the National University of San Marco, founded as early as 1551.

No.1: Sao Paulo

The absolute largest city in South America if you look at the crowd is São Paulo, located in Brazil. The city’s population reached 2015 up to 12,038 175 million inhabitants, which is far more than the other city on our list. Brazil is the largest country in South America and has a really large population. That is why it is no wonder that São Paulo is the fifth Brazilian city on the list, with almost 6% of the country’s population living. Sao Paulo is also the twelfth largest city in the world.

Sao Paulo

There are fantastic historical monuments here, both from the colonial era and from the time of the ancient inhabitants when the Indians were the only people living in the country. São Paulo is an important city for finance, arts, commerce and entertainment. São Paulo is located on the country’s eastern coast, facing the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to visit São Paulo, there are many festivals every year and there are many international residents, which gives the city an international feel.